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I asked Spangles to turn round and serve me a fluffy butt. She said no, no, no!


As Creamy is the bottom hen on the peck order, any tasty tidbit she finds is naturally of great interest to Peaches. If Peaches likes it, she’ll have it. Unless a Spangle comes along, then the youngsters back off before they get a peck on the head! Because no one messes with the Spangles!


What’s not to love about an Australian Langshan? Economical to feed, one of the top purebred layers of good sized brown eggs, smart and independent but calm and sensible, big black eyes, and they come in blue my fave colour!! 😂💙💙💙


Help with the watering? Moi? I don’t think so!!


No chooks on the deck...don’t think there’s any rules about inside though?


Happy #fluffybuttfriday my loves! We are having a last school holiday foray to Old Melbourne Jail. It’s horrible in there, totally gave me the creeps, luckily the kids didn’t seem to notice!


New pile of shavings for the quail this morning but they are a bit surprised I have removed their partition. They only used it to hide behind and say nya nya to the cat (oblivious) - now they have more scratching space. How do you like their funny calls, this one is the alert and keeping an eye on you call!


No, sorry Lulu, those Romanescos are not ready for you to nibble quite yet!


No sign of squatting or a red comb on Peachy, looks like we are not getting eggs any time soon. Still getting plenty of attitude though! She’s rockin her onesie right?


You know you’re in Melbourne when it’s been rainy, cloudy, sunny and windy, all before lunch. Chooks said free ranging is overrrated in this weather, we’ll stay under the tree thanks!!


Why is Spangles enjoying a corny treat to herself while the rest of the chooks are hiding behind me? Because the backyard is full of crazy kids on school holidays! Forgive me if I’m a bit distracted the next two weeks - what with work and kids, it’s all going on here!!!


Quails eyeballing the chooks. They chip-chip their alarm call as the chooks wander past, but once they are out of sight the cock bird always crows triumphantly! I’m sure he’s saying, see girls how I defeated those giants and scared them away, I protected you! I am the king of the backyard!


Chicken and thyme, delicious! Don’t look at me like that Creamy, little joke! The chooks nibble this thyme border every morning, they like a little but not too much. They don’t tend to go for strong scented or flavoured plants on the whole.


That’s a very funny broccoli growing in the veggie garden! I noticed something had been nibbling my brassica leaves. Snails again... 🤔


Peaches and I had so much fun today doing a Poultry training workshop with Melissa Vincent from Tricks for Birds. She taught me how to use a clicker, get Peaches to stand in a circle, peck a coloured disk, and play soccer. Ok truth we failed soccer, Peaches is a generous figured gal and was a bit full of treats to be bothered running about by then! Can’t wait to practice at home! If anyone local is interested it was at Bird Vet Melbourne in Burwood!


How not to your greens on the quail cam today. Not much happens, but I find them strangely compelling anyway!


Lulu’s excited it’s the winter solstice in Aust and we are heading for spring. Chooks stop laying over winter because there’s no point trying to raise chicks when it’s cold and there’s little food. Lay is stimulated by light so with increasing daylight hours chooks should start to come back into production. To encourage this, a well lit pen that faces east will maximise access to sunlight and bring chooks on. A top quality balanced ration will have them in tip-top health to meet the demands of laying, and check them over and deal with any external parasites. If you are a breeder, nows the time to feed a quality breeder ration to boost health and ensure eggs that hatch into strong vital chicks.


It’s been so cold and wet the chooks have just been standing around and the yard was getting muddy, so I chucked a biscuit of pea straw in and bob’s your uncle, everyone was out being active, moving their bods, and having fun! Except me. I ran back inside.