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Had a fabulous day judging the schools poultry competition at the #royalmelbourneshow today with my lovely mum Megg! Terrific entries by the children! Saw some very surprised chooks, some fab craft including a great magpie mat, and a cake covered in succulents! Livestock and craft, that’s the show done for me! 👉👉


Is it a dahlia? Nope just one very grumpy broody!


Blue Langshans, blue beehive, blue Monday? No! It’s #fluffybuttfriday whoo hoo! 😘💙


Peachy looks like I feel, grumpy and in need of a drink! On the weekend my new neighbour, a developer, cut down the two beautiful gum trees next door. These were the home of numerous birds and we renovated our house around views of them. Now they are gone, no permit required, and he doesn’t even need to clean up 👉. If there are valuable trees on private property in your neighbourhood, lobby for their protection before it’s too late! 😢


Creamy is a very strange chook. Her favourite place is underfoot and if I’m in the garden she always stands on or underneath me. However, she shows her love by walking around and sharply pecking me. Have to wonder if it’s basically a passive aggressive complex slightly resentful mother daughter relationship?


Look at that red comb, Lulu is laying like a trooper! Make sure girls have plenty of medium grade shell grit available to help themselves to as they need for shell production at this time of year. Check it’s clean and sparkly not dusty as research has found hens prefer it! 💍


Happy #fluffybuttfriday peeps! Been a crazy day running round organising the weekend! Who thought it was a good idea to schedule Fathers Day, Marcel’s birthday and my daughter Pip’s footy grand final all on the one day!!!!


It’s 9am and so far this morning I’ve had Spangles in the veggie garden, the Pekins on the deck and Lulu at the back door! 👉 When reprimanded she jumped back over the chook proof fence cool as a cucumber, who is running this show???


Spangles and other Spangles - having laid their one egg, the elderly Hamburghs are apparently done for the year. They were just clearing the pipes it seems. Never mind, I got 10 eggs in three days from the other four so we are all go here!


Late afternoon chicken squad! So nice to relax with the girls this arvo after getting up at 6am to run a Bunnings sausage sizzle for our scouts troop! No sausages for me for a while!!!!


It was a rainy day in Melbs today so perfect to head in to the ABC radio studio to talk about bees! I spoke to Canberra, Perth, Central West NSW, Longreach and even my local @abcinmelbourne about The Contented Bee book, and hopefully pollinated some great ideas about bees! We can all help bees by planting bee friendly species, avoiding the use of chemicals and supporting local beekeepers so do become a bee warrior with me! 💛🐝🖤


Oh dear! The cheek! I was kneeling in the garden this morning to take a fluffy butt Friday pic and must have, ahem, flashed some skin at the back as I distinctly felt a peck from Creamy on my bare butt! Where is the respect?


My Hamburgh ladies stepping out! Nothing like a matching pair! I always get my chooks in twos so they have a buddy when they are being integrated into the flock, it stops them being picked on as much I find. It also means I have one of the breed left in case one dies, sad but true. They do hang out in their pairs funnily enough.


I’m so excited to have been a contributing author to this fab new book The Contented Bee! Do check it out for lovely stories, lots of info on bees and a guaranteed buzz! #Repost @organicgardenermag with @get_repost ・・・ Love bees? Want to help them be as happy and settled as possible? Then get your copy of OG’s new book, The Contented Bee, available for pre-order now. It’s bursting with all you need to know to house happy bees, plus inspiring stories from beekeepers across the country. Head to OG’s website for all the details.


Sending the daughter to Scouts camp sure brought the rain! My bees are not happy with cold windy weather. They have had a disrupted month as I have been moving them a metre a week from the neighbours’s yard to my place. The place next door has been sold and bees had to be out by Wednesday, we just made it through the side gate in time! They will slowly be moved across my lawn and end up behind the veggies. I was very sad to say goodbye to next door, 3-4 townhouses will not be the same as having likeminded friends to drop in to any time. 😭


Happy #fluffybuttfriday my loves! How crazy are chooks? Yesterday I raked up the peastraw in the run and mulched my garden beds (litter with manure goes into compost though). Then I filled in all the dustbath craters with soil. The chooks realised how compelling their old straw was and spent the morning try to get in the garden to scratch it. See above. In the afternoon they redug all their dustbath holes! #birdbrains


Nothing like a bit of breeze wooshing the skirts! It’s been the windiest winter in 20 years here, and the chooks are not impressed by being blown across the lawn each day! It doesn’t help when your round fluffy butt acts like an umbrella in the wind! ☂️💨


This is my favourite quail girl, she has a white fleck on her chest which means I can tell her from the others. When all the other quails are running away or peeking round the waterer like mr cheeky here, she will actually come over and have a look! You might think she is curious but I’d prefer to believe she loves her mum! 💗