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Oh well, hello there 🌻 @rahmanbaeesa ‘s 💍♥️

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Its really been awhile. Repost !


Here’s a lil appreciation post specially for you 💋 • Thank you for being amazing. Thank you for sacrificing your resting time just to have dinner/supper, spending time with me after our work shift ends. You’ve been working so hard lately and I’m proud of you. Don’t give up okay? Thank you for sending me safely back home and travelling back all the way to the East Side. Quite a distance but still, its the effort & love behind it ♥️ Thank you for making sure that I’m happy(& chubbier) and ending my days with a smile, every single day. Thank you for your constant reassurance. Thank you for your constant reminders of how you always felt thankful/whatever you love about me, with me. You have done tremendous effort for us my dear and I’m thankful for sure. You have a beautiful soul & I hope you will always remember that 🌻 I wouldn’t wanna trade you for anything else. I am definitely blessed, thankful & more than happy with what I have. Alhamdulilah 🌻 You deserve the whole world my love, I swear. You’re just so pure & wonderful in every ways. I want this forever with you 💍💋#SyafxAman


Look at the difference between us last year & this year ! What can I say? My bestfriend’s a songwriter and his songs are just inspiring & #glorious for sure🌻I think you know how I felt about everything yea? From the song that you wrote along the bustop & singing it with me to find harmonies while we were at work, to being well-produced & hearing it LIVE 😭♥️ I’ve said what I’ve said & you know it from the bottom of my heart ! 💖 Don’t ever stop writing beautiful music @itshadyaddams 🌻 and to @estherelogy YOU RAN AWAY FROM ME AH HAHAHAHAHA I WANTED TO TAKE PICTURE WITH YOU but isokay you’ll in my heart forever ♥️ I hope you love the gifts and please we meet up soon okay? i rEALLY MIss yOU 😭 I MISS TAKING PICS WITH THE FOUR OF US LA HELLO WHAT HAPPEN ???? GO OUT TOGETHER SOON CAN @honey_piey ?!?!?!


1 year & counting with my BFF 💖🌻 @itshadyaddams • Count yourself lucky that for our boomz I wanna put the white frame but cannot ah eventually 😂

It gets better this time; the best company 💖 • @rahmanbaeesa 😍♥️ @charrrrrz & @garywinstons 😊🌻


Yesterday’s 🌻♥️


🌻21.10.18 🌻 • The man behind my widest smile, happy fatty gains and healthy glow 😘💖 • From August all the way till today, it has been nothing but blessings on top of blessings. A genuine one. You are just so so amazing in every way & I can’t wait to show you off to the world since we’ve finally become officially together HEHE !!! And yes guys... all these while, me posting about him & all that, we were still on a dating phase hehehe. Now that we are together.... time for this lady to treasure you like the way you’re worth deserving of just like how you deserve the best & deserve the whole world from me 😋♥️ • I have so so much to share about yesterday’s date on how it really went because my man here was just FULL of surprises(till I legitimately cried) hmm we shall see 😫😂 • To a whole new book full of wonderful, amazing, precious & genuine journey with this young man right here 🌻 I honestly still can’t believe I’m officially YOURS heeeEEllpp 😫 I love you Rahman ♥️


You said (s)he like me, I smiled, I know. So when they asked “hows life?” I go 😜


Goodmorning hi I’m getting too chubby day by day send hElp 😂


Happy? Yes 😍♥️ • Its the flash I swear. If there wasn’t any flash; my face(foundation) would look 2x pinkish than my normal skin tone. SIKE hahah I actually need to change my foundation shade soon, again.


Sorry ! Had to take down the previous post because of the viral issue that has been going on and I don’t condone these kind of things heh but anyways HALLU 😜♥️


Me blending with da greens 🌿


Beach vibes on a Wednesday ??? Barang rare ni 🤪 • Credits: 😜♥️😘


Could you tell by my smile that I’m definitely happy ???? The person behind this camera was one of the main reasons why too eHem 😘♥️


Hi 😘


Back to the basics Red & White......... patriotic much? LMAO JOKE #NotevenNationalDayyet • Shades😎: @greeksglasses Use Code: SYAXGG20 for 20% off purchase 😘♥️ Credits📸: @barely_beary 😬