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Who would like to see MXON in Canada ? What track ?



Still stings this morning. Really bummed on a slight mistake 7min to go dizzy from the crash and burned from the coolant. The whole team came together a fought hard. Thank you to all involved and all the fans support could hear the cheers around the entire track! @lissimorephoto


Raced and battled with @kavenbenoit26 since we were on 60s. Great competitor and person, chapeau to an awesome mx career there rookie!


@huber191 got the MXoN race rig dialled ! @monsterenergyastarskawasaki


He bugs me to ride the sx track so I bug him to ride in the sand. #Compromise 📸 @tj_778


Montreal in the books! Felt great all day had fun holeshot moto3 led a couple laps but couldn’t get through the whoops to save my life. Thanks to @monsterenergyastarskawasaki @huber191 for all the hard work!


Trouble ? If you call a 7 year old kid with a 35 year old girlfriend trouble, then yes.


Happy birthday 🎂 @cookeheidi5 supermom xoxox ❤️❤️❤️🍭🍷🏆🔥💐


Change of pace getting the supercross laps in. @cooke58 trying** to get me to enter the whoops like a man.


It takes some serious convincing but you gotta tell yourself that you belong at the front. Thanks to @jroney204 @derrickmedaglia @leeannmedaglia Made it work out of the van for 6th OA at Ironman @monsterenergyastarskawasaki


Sweet little edit @isaiah_reid put together. Thanks dude ! @huber191


Happy 7th birthday T-man!! ❤️🔥. Thanks for the vid @tj_778


Mx tour is done, glad to end with with a moto win and 2nd O/A at Walton. Thanks team @monsterenergyastarskawasaki @huber191 for believing in me and all the hard work. Vid cred @isaiah_reid


Because dirt bikes and coffee.


That moment just before Talon roosts the absolute 💩 out of the 👶.


Let’s hear it for team work @huber191 🔥 2 good starts 1 bad moto one good in Quebec. 📷 @lissimorephoto ,BrentA


Highs and lows of sport. First lap of practice hit sink hole and landed on my foot peg. Had to ask track crew guy how bad it was before putting in a qualifying lap. The swelling and dirt in the cuts forced me to go to the hospital to get cleaned and ultrasound. Made it back for the motos but really struggled with the discomfort. I think Brian House would have been proud so to receive his memorial award was worth well the effort. Thank you to @monsterenergyastarskawasaki and all my family/friends for all the support.