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It's that time again! I'm emerging from my lab (read: from behind my laptop) excited to announce my podcast is available RIGHT THIS MINUTE. I'm very grateful for the success it has been getting and it wouldn't be possible without YOU! For those of you not familiar with the How To Get Healthy & Get Pregnant podcast, it's packed with straightforward information and easy tips to help you on your #TTC journey. Check it out now before it's too late! (Just kidding. It's not going anywhere. The internet is forever. But seriously....go!)



No major changes since last time... I'm still night sweating😓 like i'm on trial and I started experiencing some dull cramps about 4 days ago. My next doctor's👨🏽‍⚕️appt is on Monday to check my lining and of course, ... bloodwork💉 Until then... I'll keep doing acupuncture, meditating, stretching/yoga, drinking ALL the room temp water, my morning POM or Organic Beet Juice, daily slice of pineapple and Brazil nuts! . . 🍍POSITIVE VIBES🍍 . . Journey to 👶🏾...





| •TTC is quite the balancing act• . Hello D7, hello exhaustion. Total can not be bothered to do anything kind of exhaustion. . So, since K is off on camp again & I have a day off tomorrow it’s date night for one. . Dinner thanks to Uber, curtains drawn, Netflix on & now I’m snuggled up on the couch in a blanket waiting for 2230 to roll around to inject & it’s only 1730. Gosh, I better set my alarm. . I think the hardest part with this journey is the physical & mental drain, yet life just keeps rolling on by. . It’s so strange going to work still feeling the sting of an early morning jab. Twenty toilet runs from drinking litres of water a day to keep hydrated. Fatigue from late nights & early starts to inject. Broken sleep from being woken by the bladder at all hours & while all that’s going on so too is the constant wonder, “is this our time, surely it’s our time”. . I’m finding juggling work, home life, all the IVF related demands & appointments to be a real balancing act. Some days you just need to pause & take time out & do nothing just to catch up on some R&R, today is totally one of those days. . Gosh it feels so nice to know there’s nothing I need to be doing & nowhere I need to be until this time tomorrow, bliss! . . #fatigue #ttc #ttccommunity #stimming #tired #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #ivfmelbourne #ivfmelb #ivfaustralia #twomums #twogirls #samesexfamily #loveislove #wornout #waiting #waitingforbaby #1in8 #1in8couplesbattleinfertility #positivevibes #babydust #praying #goodvibes #stimming









We've had a busy few weeks with celebrating Lily's #firsthalloween and getting to know our new town! I can hardly believe that #lilyelyse is #11monthsold and that time is moving so quickly! I love being #mommy to the most beautiful #blueeyedbaby in the whole world and she is always making me laugh or smile... couldn't ask for anything better than this! #1in4 #1in8 #webeatinfertility #bravingit #bebrave #PCOS #rainbowbaby



This is me. Age 3, Robin to my brothers Batman. I love this photo. It reminds me who I really am, before life got in the way. When I start to give myself a hard time I look at her little face. I see her fun, cheekiness and gentleness too. It makes it that much harder to be harsh with myself when I look at her. If you’ve been giving yourself a hard time lately, find an old photo of u when u were little. Put it somewhere it can remind you of the real you. When u go to tell yourself off or speak harshly, see if u can connect with that little one instead. She is still in there and needs your love now more than ever. This is you. ❤️#tt #ttccommunity #ttcaftermiscarriage #ttcjourney #infertility #infertilitysucks #ivf #ivfjourney #fertility #fertilityjourney #fertilityyoga #fertilitycoach #pcos #endometriosis #bfn #2ww #1in8 #miscarriage #adoption #eggdonor #secondaryinfertility #yogaforfertility #melindarushe



Today is one of those days where I feel so alone on this journey. While I’m thankful none of my friends and family have had to go through this, I really wish I had someone close to me that understood. ⠀⠀ I think that is why I cling so strongly to this community! You ladies get it completely; I just wish it was more than an Insta Relationship. You don’t get the same support from an online friend as you do someone that lives near you than can go get coffee with you when you are having a bad day. ⠀⠀ For those of you that have built relationships outside of the digital world, how did you do it? ⠀⠀ #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilityawareness #infertilityjourney #infertilitysupport #fertility #fertilityjourney #fertilityawareness #ttc #ttccommunity #ttcsisters #ttcjourney #ttcsupport #iui #iuijourney #ivf #ivfjourney #ivfcommunity #ivfsisters #ivfbaby #ivfsupport #ivfwarrior #mfi #ivficsi #icsi #instituteofreproductivehealth #ivfsuccess #invitro #1in8



Totally how I feel right now. I felt great this morning, today is my Friday, I transfer a beautiful embryo on Thursday, I am on top of the world.... Then on my lunch break I get a rejection email for a job I really wanted and would have made my life much easier, and less stressful. Then on top of that I check my labs, and the result that my fertility clinic needed TODAY to give me my transfer time for Thursday wasn't resulted. It was drawn at my local clinic so I didn't have to take 6 hours of pto and spend three hours in a car driving for just one lab. I call lab, they tell me they send this lab out and it should result tomorrow! Wtf?!? I start crying at work cause I think my FET is blown since they won't receive the results today. I call my fertility clinic and explain the mess, they tell me to relax and it should be OK as long as they get the results tomorrow morningish. I don't know if they will get them tomorrow morning! And work was a day from hell. So I am sitting in my recliner, sulking and eating some icecream. Here's to a better day tomorrow and timely lab results. Cause God knows I can't handle another day like today #ivfjourney #Dominishedovarianreserve #infertilitysucks #fml



I think my dog wants me to have a baby? Is that weird to think about? Here's the story..so I babysit for my best friend, she has a two year old boy. He is the cutest, I love him to death. Recently he has been staying overnight at our house for a few days and my girl Penny always lays outside the guest bedroom door in the morning where the little guy sleeps. He hasn't been over in a week or so, but Penny still lays in front of the guest bedroom door as if little man is going to be there in the morning 😞 Both of my dogs do great with babies/kids. When will it be my turn? ••• ••• #ttc #ttcwithpcos #ttcjourney #ttccommunity #infertility #infertilityjourney #infertilitysucks #1in8 #pcos #pcosfighter #pcoscyster #pcossupport #pcosawareness #1in10 #makingbabyb #clomid #mentalhealth #iam1in5 #depression





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