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It’s crazy how fast babies change and grow, like, she’s gained 3lbs and grew 5in since she was born and that was only 7 weeks ago!! I was waking her up for her next feeding, as per usual during the day, and I felt bad because she gave a little cry when I took her out of the swing. I decided to snuggle her for a few more minutes before really waking her up and she was laying on my chest. She hasn’t really wanted to lay down while being held in a while, but she was sleeping in the only way she was comfortable when she was in the hospital and did a little while after we got home. I literally couldn’t put her down to sleep for more than 20 minutes before she was crying for me to cuddle her to sleep!! It seems like it’s been forever since she asked for that, I can’t believe how much Scarlett is growing and changing already 😭🖤 #newborn #7weeksold #firstborn #gothmom #gothbaby #babybat #metalhead #metaldad #metalbaby #gothic #goth #gothgoth #gothgirlsofinstagram #bluehair #musicians #musiciansofinstagram #vocalist #singer #ScarlettIris



Oh, you talking to me? Whatever. . . . . #rottweilerpuppy #rottweilersofinstagram #7weeksold #whatdidido #momlife



Our tiny human is already 7 weeks old. I spend my days trying to snuggle, touch and kiss him as much as possible. I love wrapping his arms around my neck and pretending he is hugging me back. My maternity leave is almost over and I will be back to work soon. I'm so thankful for this time with Nova but wish I had more. I can't get enough of him. #7weeksold #novalove



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