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You have an extra chance to sweat with me this week! 😅👏🏼 . Tomorrow (Wednesday) I’ll be subbing Barbell Strength for @brandtalfredo at 6:00pm.🧡💪🏼 . 3/4 of my classes this week are a quick, 45 minutes long... Make sure you’re giving yourself the gift of setting time aside for yourself as the holidays approach. See you soon beauties and gents! ❤️🎄






I wore my gold necklace around my neck daily, adorned with the cut-out of mountains, to remind myself where I came from and what still existed not far from where I resided. Every visit home was more than a return to a familiar place—it was a return to myself, for when I’m in the mountains my soul is content, my lungs feel refreshed, my vision is clearer, and my “problems” seem to dissipate in the company of nature’s magnitude. Even now, just the sight of the snow-blanketed mountains in the near distance is like a dose of medicine when all else that surrounds me is concrete and buildings.🌲🏔🧡



When there's only two weeks left of 2018 and all you've done is work and you still don't have a hot body, a Bugatti or Maserati....bitch



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