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A reminder for us all. Via @meenooorganics



When’s the last time that’s you’ve gone beach cleaning in the past few months? Of course, it is wayyy too cold for the most of us despite our shared, burning 🔥 passion for earth’s wellbeing. Nevertheless, Australians have been enjoying their long summer by the beautiful beaches. Swipe right to see how the @adventurebagcrew @seashepherd and @Jackson.groves collected more than 5️⃣0️⃣ kg of trash at Port Noarlunga & an exciting, concluding cliff dive to wrap things up 💦 . "ADVENTURE BAG ADVENTURE DAY - Port Noarlunga, South Australia 💦 SWIPE RIGHT for full album and a video of the cliff jump at the end💦 Today the @adventurebagcrew teamed up with @seashepherd to host a clean up at Port Noarlunga. 100 volunteers teamed up t collect more than 50kg of trash from the beach and surrounding areas. We then continued down to Second Valley, grabbed some more trash and sent a few cliff jumps. That’s his yin fo a Sunday!! Swipe all the way to the end to see a video of the cliff jump. Thanks for the photos @joshlynott #southaustralia #seashepherd #adelaide #adventurebag" ⠀⠀ Carousel by @jackson.groves ⠀⠀ #clearwaters #bluesea #seaview #sealovers #sealife #saltlife #water_of_our_world #madeofocean #underwater #oceanlife #waterlust #seastheday #oceanlove #tourtheocean #lovetheocean #saltescape #inspiremyinstagram #nothingisordinary #thatauthenthicfeeling #wellnessjourney #holisticliving #intuitiveliving #greenlifestyle #naturalhealth #organiclifestyle #nontoxicliving





Imagine spending your day doing things just because you love yourself. I don’t know about you but that would sure make each and every decision and move I make seem THAT much better. There has to be purpose to everything you are doing, the more we disconnect with ourselves, the less we feel. The less we feel, the harder it is to achieve our goals 💜



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