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Met these two cuties at the @zooatl petting zoo today and gave them warm snuggles! 😍 They were so sweet! As were the goats 🐐 We definitely had a blast using our FREE Zoo tickets! How? We went to our local library, checked out the "zoo DVD" as everyone calls it, watched it, returned it, and received a pass for 4 tickets 🎉The pass must be used within 2 weeks and you CAN go on weekends or weekdays 👍 It was absolutely freezing this morning, so not all of the animals were out, but the man in the ticket booth let us know that just in case we'd rather go a different day. That was so kind! And good business 👌 Today was the best day for us, so we went for it. I was surprised at how small the Atlanta Zoo physically was, BUT they packed in a lot of fun! We saw the Giant Pandas, Reptiles, Naked Mole Rats, a Bald Eagle, the ELEPHANTS💜💜💜, and more! It was too cold for the primates and cats (I don't blame them 🙊🦁🐯). We explored for about 3 hours, learned a lot from the kind and caring employees/volunteers, and then headed out because we were COLD. It was 34° y'all ⛄ My daughter talked about how much fun she had the whole ride home! I really appreciated how many of the items in the gift shop were reasonably priced or at least the funds were put towards a great cause. The zoo is also expanding to include a safari exhibit this spring, so there is currently some major construction. It didn't put a damper on anything though. I'm not 100% sure I'd purchase the annual pass because I'm more of a raw nature person, BUT if you're a zoo-bie, involved with a homeschooler, or are a photographer, I can see how their perks would be worth it. They have STEM Challenges for all ages every Sunday and so much more. Oh, and did I mention they have one of the coolest playgrounds ever?? 😁💚 #zooatl #atlantazoo #atlanta #zoo #animals #pandas #elephant #nakedmolerat #reptilelover #solar #stem #homeschool #annualpass #bloggergirl #momblogger #familyfun #sheep #naturephotography #animals #pettingzoo #playground #natureconservation #wildlife #student #militarydiscount #blogger #review #reviewatlanta #foodie #positivevibes



🌿Thinking of starting a series with these called Our Planet is Dead🌿 * * * * #natureconservation #pollutionsolution #foliage #natureinthecity



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