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...baking for thanksgiving. Life as an entrepreneur is forever a learning experience! . . . #wellness #personalchef #dietitian #registereddietitian #RD #RDN #entrepreneur #baking #thanksgiving #applepie #pumpkincheesecake



With Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to talk a little bit about food, over-eating, and guilt. In our society, we know this holiday is about “stuffing” yourself with food until you are uncomfortably full. And doing so is the start of a long month of over-eating, indulgences, cookies, sweets, you-name-it; until January 1st: a the diet industry’s favorite day. But rather than tell you how to control your plate, I want to reassure you that it is ok to enjoy the food you are eating! I am not here to give a lecture about portion control and only eating until you are satisfied. Thanksgiving is a celebration and food is part of the way we celebrate. Don’t feel guilty about getting a second, third, or forth plate of food. Don’t beat yourself up over eating one sliver of cheesecake or a sampler of the entire dessert table. Food is for enjoyment and nourishment; not a source of guilt. Maybe you won’t be in control of the food you eat on Thanksgiving, or any other day for that matter, and that is ok. Remind yourself that you are allowed to eat food, you have full permission to eat whatever you want; and listen to your body when you do so. It will tell you when to stop, when to get another plate, and when you may need to give it some time before enjoying the dessert table. But this holiday season, listen to your body. And I mean really listen. Don’t deprive yourself of the enjoyment of seasonal holiday foods because restriction, or even just the thought of restriction, drives your body crazy without you even realizing it. Deprivation leads the body to do nothing but focus on that one thing you tell it it can’t have. It leads to future binges or uncontrollable eating and it doesn’t leave you satisfied. So do yourself a favor, and enjoy the season! Enjoy the cookies! Enjoy the mashed potatoes, the eggnog, the brussels sprouts, enjoy everything! And remind yourself that you have full permission to eat all of these foods. If you are struggling at all with your relationship with food, please feel free to reach out! ❤️🦃







Tip #4 of 5: 🧡 Simple Steps To Improve Your Health • Practice feeling and expressing gratitude! • When you shift your focus from what you want to what you have. • Begin by thinking of one thing each night before bed that you’re grateful for. Then, spend a few moments upon waking to think of something you’re grateful for as you begin your day. • This change affects your outlook and your energy. Positive energy affects your body positively! • We’re grateful that we’re reaching more people every day and excited to be loading our website up with great free content! • We wish all our friends here in the US a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. 🧡👊 • • • #melamywellness #thanksgiving #gratitude #gratitudepractice #healthcoaches #personaltrainer #cpt #registereddietitian #RDN #nutritionist #functionalnutrition #healthsupportivecooking #intermittentfasting #cheflife #wholefoods #homecooks #eatplants #geneexpression #epigenetics #holistichealth #holistichealthcoach #holisticnutrition #iinhealthcoach #realfood #integrativenutrition #movement #liveinspired #takeaction 📸:Rodriguez Flores



Cranberry sauce done ✅ yes that’s sugar and I’m not afraid 😱 no fear mongering here. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃



I’ve been really into polenta/corn meal. You can put almost anything on top of it, like sautéed vegetables. Polenta means that the corn is coarsely ground so you can make polenta with it. It’s easier to make than rice, and doesn’t have the arsenic. I was concerned about it’s possible glycemic load (its ability to raise your blood sugar) but it’s only 69, which is equivalent to whole grain bread. Corn meal is high in fiber, vitamin A, carotenoids, magnesium, protein, and complex carbohydrates, and low if fat and calories. Corn bran is high in insoluble fiber, which helps prevent constipation. Insoluble fiber stays intact as food moves through the gastrointestinal tract. Soluble corn fiber or SCF is made from corn starch via an enzymatic process, it is added to food products and acts as a prebiotic. It passes through the stomach and small intestine undigested, and is slowly fermented by gut bacteria in the large intestine. Prebiotic fibers feed your gut bacteria (probiotics are bacteria you eat but they aren’t yours and only stay there as long as you take them.) SCF is better tolerated than inulin. I am not sure if eating corn meal provides much soluble corn fiber, but eating a plant based diet is good for health.



We paint white roses red Each shade from a different person's head This dream, dream is a killer Getting drunk with the blue caterpillar #ApresGelX #softgelextension #gelnails #pronails #nailtech #clearnails #glitternails #customnails #starnails #Swarovski #nightsky #bling #RDN #plantcity #plantcitynails #floridanails #florida #tampa #paradise #plur



Managing type 1 diabetes during the holidays is hard. There’s no way around it 😕 lots of dishes with unknown carb counts, constant high glycemic foods that send blood sugars soaring before rapid acting insulin even has a chance to catch up 🤦🏻‍♀️ and as much as I want to just enjoy it and move on, it’s just not worth it for some dishes. If it’s going to leave me feeling so poorly that I can’t enjoy the time with my family, I’d much rather have a more diabetes friendly version of a dish. (For those that don’t know, common symptoms of high blood sugars include headaches, fatigue, inability to concentrate, nausea, and blurry vision) Click the link in my bio for these three “diabetes friendly” holiday options, and I promise they taste just as good as their “normal” counterparts 🙌 Happy thanksgiving! @healthline #sponsored



In case you missed it last week on the @sofletehq IG story, here is some mug cake magic. 🤗 It’s the protein packed pick-me-up we all need this holiday week.



Much requested Holiday Pate done ✅ next up cranberry sauce. Stay tuned I’ll share my recipe soon!



Technically this was my dinner, but I'm sharing it with you all as breakfast because eggs are involved. Can I just be honest here and say eggs are my favorite protein? Because they are. Sometimes I'm incredibly amazed that chickens can create them in as little as 24 hours. What's your favorite protein? •》 Breakfast for dinner is a thing and it's amazing! Tonight I sauteéd TJ's cruciferous salad mix, roasted delicata squash, and dried cranberries. Add two eggs over easy, an avocado rose, and whole wheat pita with @alouettecheese garlic and herb spread and you have one magnificent salad/dinner/breakfast/food. Self care matters. Cook yourself something nourishing. •》 #breakfastgoals #breakfastfordinner #avocadorose



Sometimes the LOUDEST voices on social media aren’t the most CREDIBLE. With all of the information out there, it’s hard to know who you can trust and what is FACT from FICTION. It horrifies me to see all of ‘copy and paste’ claims from Google. But anyone with a smart phone can do this without any ramifications. Nutrition is a SCIENCE. A very complex topic. Things are rarely black and white. Be a skeptic. Consult an expert before making any radical changes. 🙃#registereddietitian #dietitian #rdn #holistic #nutrition #expert #healthyliving #healthy #healthspo #fit #fitness #eattolive #foodisfuel #detroit #detroitfoodie #royaloak #grossepointe #birmingham #michigan #instadaily #selflove #deesdailydish #sciencerules



As Thanksgiving is only a few days away, what is your mindset with food approaching the holiday? Just a few friendly reminders 🤗 . . 🧡You don’t need to “earn” your calories with a workout. This can lead to feelings of guilt if eating too many calories or above allotted macros. . . 🧡 Don’t restrict food during the day, eat healthful meals throughout this week (and before thanksgiving meal) to be less likely to be over hungry or strong food cravings. . . 🧡You might feel too full afterward, but it’s ok. You didn’t “fail” for eating past fullness cues. Remember it’s one meal! . . 🧡 Holiday meals are meant to be enjoyed. Experience and Enjoy some of your favorite foods and create memories with loved ones. . . #thanksgiving #holiday #thanksgivingdinner #thankful #family . . #rdn #rd #registereddietitian #foodfreedom #intuitiveeating #bodyimage #nondiet #edrecovery #dietitiansofinstagram #food #eat #relaxandenjoy #bodylove #loveyourself #bodypositive #eatingdisorders #peaceispossible #haes #nourish #allfoodsfit #mindfulness . . #simplynourished #bemindful



•How To Make A Heart Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner• Thanksgiving is a time to show gratefulness and be mindful, but oftentimes it is more so seen as an all or nothing feast of rich foods and large portion sizes. ⠀ •Although some family recipes have been proven tried and true, consider substituting a few ingredients to reduce sodium, saturated fat, and increase nutrients in your Thanksgiving recipes.⠀ •Serve or select white meat rather than dark meat. And remember that saturated fats are highest surrounding skin and bones of the turkey, so by removing these parts of your meat, you'll reduce your saturated fat intake while still enjoying your turkey.⠀ •If you use the turkey drippings as your gravy base, try to use low sodium turkey broth, herbs, and a thickening agent like cornstarch instead⠀ •Baste your turkey with vegetable oils instead of butter⠀ •Use whole wheat bread and low sodium broth in stuffing rather than white bread and butter or turkey fat. This will add fiber and nutrients to your meal.⠀ Do you have any healthy Thanksgiving recipe switches? Comment below!⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #thanksgiving #thanksgivingdinner #turkeyday #healthyswitch #healthymeals #healthyholidays #registereddietitianapproved #registereddietitian #rdn #rd2be #lowsodium #lowfat #LCNHowToTuesday #HowToTuesday #tutorialtuesday 📷: #thecherryshare



Much to be thankful for as Thanksgiving gets closer and closer. I have one more week to go and Food Service Management is a wrap. I am excited to get going with my clinical nutrition rotation so I use nutrition to heal people. Cajun shrimp over fettuccine with avocado pesto. . . . . #goodfood #healthy #carbs #realfood #pittsburgh #nutrition #iifym #pittsburghfoodie #dietitianapproved #pesto #foodie #eatgoodfeelgood #foodisfuel #carnivore #healthyrecipes #gym #foodgram #registereddietitian #rd2be #flexibledieting #healthyfats #avocado #feedfeed #eeeeeats #protein #dietitian #rdn #wellness #intermittentfasting #pgheats



So many parents worry about protein, especially if their kids love pasta and hate meat. But kids’ protein needs are easier to meet than you might think! Swipe through to see age-by-age examples of what a day’s worth of protein can look like—and get the link to the full post in my bio. #protein #feedingkids #rdn #healthykids #kidsnutrition



📚🍎 Nutrition and dietetics conversation with my good friend @tarah_venn_rdn . I’m learning from the best. • Check her out for help with weight loss and improved health outcomes via dietary intervention. • On another note, we must be careful with what we say, and how we say it. • The internet and social media has definitely granted a voice to millions of people who for the most part, lack any formal training, accreditation, or expertise. • These same people will confidently put out their opinion or experience as factual or something that is generalizable to the vast majority of the public, which infrequently comports with existing scientific evidence. • This is extremely unfortunate for those who are trying to help people, as it makes the job significantly more difficult. • Have you ever tried working with someone with lower back pain or kinesiophobia? How about neurotic eating behavior because of what he or she read from a celebrity doctor or from their coach/trainer? • Part of their symptoms and experience are socially learned. • Who do you think is contributing to this problem? • If you are in a position of power, be careful with what you say, and how you say it, as it can have a lasting impact on the people you have influence on. Stay in your scope of practice and make the appropriate recommendations. • In any event, we can do better to help people by sharing good and reliable information. • Your strength coach, • Vincent • #strengthcoach #psychology #psychosocial #behaviorchange #registereddietitian #rdn #nutrition #dietitian #dietetics #weightloss #science



I took my first nutrition course my freshman year of college as an elective. I had also been passionate about medicine, caring for people, and ideally curing and treating disease. . Until that course, I hadn't really thought about the way the food we eat impacts our health status. Crazy, I know! It was then, when I got my first "taste" (pun intended) for prescribing nutrition for both a treatment and a preventative measure. . The following year I declared my dietetic major and studied both clinical and community dietetics. I like focusing on both individual dietary habits/changes and also community health issues like food access/food security. . Would you like to have a “taste” of how you can use nutrition as a treatment and preventative measure? Meet with Taylor, at our Gilbert location. . Click website in bio > AZ online scheduler . #nutritionexpert #nutritionist #dietitian #RD #RDN #Rdsofinstagram #dietetics #dietarychanges #habits #foodaccess #foodsecurity #food #nutritioncounseling #nondiet #nondietapproach #healthyliving #healthyeating #healthylife #eatrealfood #gilbertdietitian #azdietitian #gilbertaz #andersonsnutrition



When the universe conspires on feeding you delicious sweets, so the $1 pastries are placed in front of you! #coffee #coffeshop #phx #productivity #cde #rdn #community #peace #job #love #passion #successfulwomen #delicious #pastries #happyhour #emails



When I go back to drawing after a "long" time, I like to take a look at @qinniart 😍 training with one of her drawings always give results I'm happy with! To me, this drawing is Alicia Knyn, from my book "Royaume de Nacht". Still on the first volume, did two days of #Nanowrimo this year, but I'm at the middle (I thank)! #drawing #qinniart #fiction #character #fiction #rdn #royaumedenacht #greyhair #art #pen #darkpen



🚨 Disclaimer alert 🚨 ⁣⁣ I originally wanted to wait until I had my RDN credential to start this page but I just couldn’t stop seeing diet culture everywhere and felt I had to start this now!⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ That being said, I started this page with the intention to simply put information into the social media universe. I understand there’s going to be lash-back, even from fellow dietitians, but I encourage it. Yes, I’m taking a risk in putting my life out there but if I can make a difference in one persons life, it’s all worth it.😅⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ I love medical nutrition therapy and think that it plays a different, vital role. But my goal is to be a part of clinic nutrition with a weight neutral approach. Every body is different & everyone’s bodies are different. So, do what you will with the information I provide and form your own opinion! 😊 ⁣⁣ •⁣⁣ Also.....Maryland is the best state 😄😇



Looking for #diabetesfriendly Thanksgiving recipes? @milknhoneynutrition being a registered dietitian nutritionist and having Type 1 diabetes, shares 3 recipes on this @healthline article! Be sure these recipes work with your diabetic meal plan because they do contain carbohydrates! Happy almost Thanksgiving! _____________ #T1D #T2D #diabetic #diabetesmellitus #diabetesawarenessmonth #diabetestype1 #diabetestype2 #chronicillness #invisibleillness #telehealth #healthcoach #RDN #thanksgivingrecipes #CDE #recipies #RD #projectbluenovember



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