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Follow us • @kyleknappfitness ▪️TRX ONE LEG DROP DRIVE & CURL▪️ Hit the biceps and legs big time with this combination. ————————————————— Reach the floating leg back, keep the body tall and arms up and squeeze those arms at the top. I like the knee to track just behind the foot on the squat but you can alter this to fit your body type and strength. You can also personalize this to be more arms by using your legs less or make them the focus and let the biceps play the supporting role. Either way they’ll both get some good 🔥 going. ————————————————— Save it 📌 & Add these to your next #trx #arm or #leg day. Keeping fit anywhere there’s a TRX. #trxarmworkout #trxbicep #trxlegworkout #armsandlegs #trxworkout #trxexercise #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightworkout #bodyweightexercises #bodycontrol #controlandsqueeze #toesuptuesday @trxtraining @bestofmensport @menshealthmag @workout.ability





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