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I can NOW honestly say that no OTHER causes me "pain". This was another HARD lesson to learn as i could not (did not want to) understand a different perspective and thus judged people by MY (high⬆️, (thus low⬇️) standard's. Don't get me wrong i will STILL "judge" and cut off individuals in a heart beat that do NOTHING for my evolution but take ➖ from me. However this is not whom i speak of as they never had the power to cause me pain even in my "learning"/not knowing period. KEEPING IT 💯🤷🏿‍♀️. It is those relationships you EXPECT more/better from. The one's that make up YOUR story. The ones who have the ability to cause you the most pain 💔. I now realise THEY too have their own STORY (and in all honesty so does EVERYBODY else). Those are the ones i speak on. LIVE BY YOUR STANDARD'S AND LET OTHER'S LIVE BY THEIR'S. This will trully bring you PEACE ❤ ******************************************** #africorize #africaninspiredbrand🌍 #bespokeaccessory #handmadebusinesses #afrikaninspiredapparel #supportbyfollowing #weallhaveastory #livebyyourstandards #judgeandbejudged #weareallindividuals #peacewithin #greaterunderstanding #writeyourownstory #ownyourlife #weallinthistogether #weareallthesame #wearemorealikethandifferent #wednesdayvibes