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TAKE A DAY OFF FROM: ⁣ Criticizing yourself. Judging your body⁣ Questioning your life path⁣ Feeling frustrated with your progress⁣ Putting yourself down⁣ Comparing yourself to others ⁣ Letting others dictate your worth⁣ Disrespecting yourself⁣ Ignoring your inner guide⁣ ⁣ It’s ok to take a break. 🤕 You are so hard on yourself. You push. You hold yourself to the highest standard. You are at your own heels. And when you do well, you ask “what’s next” instead of saying “good job.”⁣ ⁣ It’s ok! It really is. It’s what drives you. But just for today, allow yourself to be. ⁣👣 ⁣ Enjoy where you are right now. You are so beautiful and you are complete. Bask in it, if just for today. ⁣ ⁣ #alignful #alignin5 #balancedlife #mentalhealthmatters #connected #disconnected #answers #innerjourney #lovestartswithyou #loveyourjourney #selfcarematters #innerwisdom #innervoice #jesslively #meditationtime #silenceisgolden #findingpeace #journeyinward #silenceconnects #makespace#selftalk #thursdaymotivation #beyourownfriend



Craving some warmth in this cold Colorado winter🌤 It’s weird looking back on pictures and thinking of how I felt about myself at that time. This summer I wasn’t in the best shape of my life, but I was happy, strong, and eatin’ gooood. I had found some balance between fitness and happiness and I felt great about my body. There have been so many times where I didn’t feel that way. 〰️ I think it’s important to remember that pictures don’t tell the whole story. Just because you see a fitness model or personal trainer posting pictures of them with muscles pumped and shredded abs doesn’t mean they look like that year-round and it doesn’t mean they’re happy. It’s great to strive for those goals and learn how to tweak your diet and workout routines to control what your body looks like. But, I believe it’s more important to learn how to live in balance. Work out consistently (3-5 days a week for most adults), eat healthy 80% of the time and treat yourself with a lush meal on the weekend or to celebrate. 〰️ Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean depriving yourself to the point of food fear or working your muscles and bones to the point of exhaustion. Find what works best for you mentally, physically, and socially, stick to it and live your life #tothemax 🖤



I just need to get through today and then it’s our Edlund Christmas weekend!!!😄⛄️🎄🎁 . . For some reason I have felt like I have been able to enjoy this winter so much more than the past winters. I have more energy, it’s been easier to get out of bed, I haven’t been hit with the winter blues, and I feel more ambitious to get things done. . . It’s also the first winter I’ve been consistent with working out & being active, and have been intentional about having the proper nutrition. Coincidence? I think not. . . . #nutrition #consistency #youareWORTHmore #nursingschool #nursingstudent #healthylifestyle #balancedlife #healthyfood #motivation



LOOK WHO’S BACK, BACK AGAIN 💪🏼 and hello upper back and biceps! ~ I’m so thankful to have been able to still work upper body through my injury. Now that I can stand again, working on #purebarrearms can actually turn into a full body workout! ~ Engaging your core, inner and outer thighs, and arms all at about a calorie burner! Make the most of your time...why not aim to make it burn a little extra? 🔥 just a fun fact: increasing the burn doesn’t mean use more weight, it probably means drop the weight and just use your body weight 👏🏼 don’t knock it til you try it! ~ My range of motion in my ankle is still a work in progress, so feel free to sink a little deeper in this sequence when you take your next class! Draw your shoulders down, focus in on the muscles you’re using (shoulders, upper back, bicep, tricep, chest) and breathe it out when the burn happens! Leggings: @beyondyoga X @pure_barre Bra: @aerie . . . . #purebarre #purebarrestrong #reclaimingthefitlife #upperbodyworkout 🎶In Common Remix @aliciakeys



My roommate threw a potluck for her birthday a few weeks ago and I decided to make some homemade mini spinach and quinoa turkey meatballs 😍👌🏼🍝 inspired by @broccyourbody ❤️ • • -1 lb ground turkey -1/2 cup frozen spinach -1 cup cooked and cooled quinoa -1 egg -1 tsp salt, pepper, oregano, garlic powder -1 tbsp olive oil -1 cup marinara sauce • • • #health #healthy #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthylifehappylife #food #foodie #protein #veggies #nutrients #nutritious #wholefoods #healthystudent #studentmeals #easymeals #studentlife #nutritionstudent #eatbetternotless #balancedlife



~NEW MENU December 17, 2018~ ✔ Kid Friendly ✔ No added Salt or Sugar ✔ Customizable ✔Can mix and match ✔Vegan meals available ✔Bulk pricing available Salads and cabbage soup are always available ~PU MON. & TUES. 5-7pm * 39th Prospect Area PLEASE EMAIL ORDERS TO LOTUSLOVEMEALPREP@GMAIL.COM



delicious meal in under ten minutes 🥦 100c • 46p • 20f



If you fail to plan, you plan to fail 🥦🥕⁣ ⁣ With the holidays here, it is more challenging than ever to find the time to meal prep. If being ‘healthy’ is on your priority list it is so important to set aside the time to do this because the alternative options (spending a fortune on takeout or microwaveable meals) are far from ideal. So this weekend, let’s set aside some time to grocery shop and meal prep for the final week leading up to Christmas. Here are some simple staple items I always prep on Sunday’s to have on hand throughout the week: ⁣ ⁣ 1. Hard boiled eggs ⁣ 2. Washed and chopped veggies + kale 3. Roasted sweet potatoes⁣ 4. Quinoa ⁣ 5. Meatballs (with or without the meat)⁣ ⁣ Who’s with me?! 🥒🥚



My lunches are pretty much all the same this week 🤣 Meal prep is a god sent but if you do it on auto-pilot you'll end up getting bored!! Spicy Vegetable Lattice (277), Mixed Grain Salad (161), Reduced Fat Houmous (118), Poppadoms (63). . #caloriecounting #slimmingworld #calorietracking #caloriedeficit #fitbit #fitbituk #fitbittracking #calorielimit #caloriegoal #sw #cc #healthy #happy #balance #caloriesincaloriesout #caloriesin #caloriesout #balanceddiet #balancedlife #swmafia #swinspo  #mealplanning #weightloss #weightlossjourney #losingweight #mealprep



TBT: real bodies edition. Today I’m throwing it back to summer with a picture of myself that I am not necessarily comfortable sharing. A picture I could pick apart and come up with a million reasons why I would never want to post a picture of myself in a bathing suit. So why am I sharing? Because being in the Health and Wellness industry, I’m sick of seeing images thrown at me of what healthy “should” look like. Images that aren’t the average women, images of bodies that I cannot achieve while living a healthy lifestyle. Moms, most of us have cellulite, stretched out tummies from growing our beautiful babies and some extra body fat. Which, NEWS FLASH: our bodies are designed to carry for many important biological reasons! It’s healthy to have a certain percentage of body fat! Our bodies need to be represented in this barrage of images flying at us daily. Our bodies need to be celebrated. I read a stat that said Instagram is affecting the mental health of its users in a very negative way. Far worse than any other social media platform. With it being the second most visited social media app, this is concerning. When I read this it got me thinking. Body image was listed high as one of the reasons Instagram is affecting people negatively. How can we change this? We need to stop supporting unhealthy messages, and start celebrating real healthy bodies of all shapes and sizes. As a nutritionist, Of course I will be telling you to eat healthy whole foods and to exercise daily. Avoid sugar and inflammatory foods. It’s so important to health, but I will NEVER make recommendations that promote extreme restriction for the sake of weight loss at the cost of imbalance in the body. I will always seek to promote balance of mind, body and spirit. This means we need to stop fighting our bodies and if dieting is affecting our mental health (which it often does) we need to ditch the diets and start eating intuitively. Shake off the shame and guilt of eating foods that satisfy us and be ok with a healthy balanced body even if it doesn’t fit diet culture’s moulds of what we “should” look like. “Life is too short to spend another day fighting our bodies”.



Are you an animal lover? • Whether in the house or admired in nature, time spent with animals has been shown over and again to bring a sense of calm. • What are you doing to keep yourself well and balanced this time of year? • #balancedlife #healthylifestyle #balance #fitness #gym #healthyfood #fit #healthy #motivation #healthylife #healthyliving #life #wellbeing #balanceddiet #cbd #foodie #goals #nutrition #balancedlifestyle #fitnessmotivation #weightloss #share #mygoal #whatifightfor #whatmakesyoucry #homeoffice #smartoffice #staytrue #wellness



What’s up people! Have you watched yesterday’s Episode of my XMas Bake Countdown? 🎄 If not, DO IT! 🙌🏻 The episode was epic! A total SUCECC and eaten up by my whole family 👌🏻 The episode was about how you make HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE 🍫 ala Trailmix 🧗🏼‍♀️ . . I’ve always think it’s hard to find “cheap” non-diary chocolate in stores..but with this I now can make my own AND you basically only need like 3 INGREDIENTS! . . Go watch the episode NOW! Link in profile 👉🏻 @rbillger . . . . . . . . . . / #chocolate#nondiary#veganchocolate#vegantreats#veganrecipe#veganfood#dairyfreerecipes#dairyfree#healthyrecipes#keto#balancedlife#chocolaterecipes#healthylifestyle#healthy#hälsa#godis#choklad#chokladkaka#foodinspiration#hälsosamlivsstil#foodphotography#foodstyling#sugarfree#sockerfritt /



Can you think back to the 1st time you shared a big dream with someone you trusted and they shot it down?⠀ ⠀ Did you believe them?⠀ ⠀ Many of us get so hurt by those instances, we stop making big decisions for ourselves because we don't want to get shot down. ⠀ We don't want to get hurt. ⠀ We don't want to be made fun of. ⠀ So we protect ourselves by playing small, staying safe, and not showing up as our whole selves.⠀ ⠀ What if you could approach your next decision with unshakable confidence?⠀ What if you could finally feel empowered to make a better decision?⠀ ⠀ It's possible with clarity, strategy, and the right mentality.⠀ ⠀ That's exactly what I'm sharing on December 19th during my "Get It, Pivot, or Quit It" training. ⠀ ⠀ It's LIVE. It's FREE. And I'd love for you to join me!⠀ (Link in Bio)⠀ ⠀ #womeninstem #womenintech #womenengineers #careerdevelopment #worklifebalance #balancedlife #womeninleadership #womenleaders #professionalwomen #womeninbusiness #workingmothers #workingmom #mindset #successful



☕Coborând să bea cafeaua dimineața, tatăl asistă la următoarea scenă: copilul stă pe scaun și plânge cu un bol de cereale cu fructe în față de care nu vrea să se atingă. Maică-sa urlă că mai are 5 minute până să plece la școală și el nu a mâncat.I-ar pune o pâlnie să îi îndese mâncarea pe gât, dar zice doar: ”Nu ți-am zis că micul dejun e CEA MAI IMPORTANTA MASA A ZILEI?”. Când ea pleacă să se aranjeze, tatăl mânăncă pe furiș bolul și toți sunt fericiți. 🍳E micul dejun cea mai importantă masă?Nu.Suntem diferiți-unii mâncăm imediat ce ne trezim, alții la 30 minute/4 ore, alții fac fasting (rămân nemâncați) până în a doua parte a zilei. Micul dejun este o masă ca oricare-poți să iei micul dejun și la ora 10 seara dacă vrei, că iaurtul nu se supără. Așa cum poți mâncă o ceafă de porc. 🥓Este diferit de la o cultura la alta-se mănâncă boluri de fructe,ouă,patiserie,pâine,carnați cu fasole.Nu există o reteță a micului dejun care să îl facă mai important ca o altă masă și ar trebui respectate principiile constante. Tips & tricks: ✅ nu te forța să mânănci micul dejun dacă nu poți doar pentru că așa zic alții ✅ nu trata micul dejun ca pe o masă ”de început de zi” unde bagi de toate ca să ai energie. Ai fi surprins să afli că un bol cu granola/muesli+🍌+semințe+ agave/miere/sirop ajunge și la 800 calorii. Jumătate de zi de mâncat într-un castron. Bam! ✅mănâncă ce îți place-mămăliga cu lapte?Terci?Legume la cuptor?Bacon?Brânză & fasole?Bagel?Măcar ești fericit. ✅nu trebuie să bei apă pe stomacul greu ca să-ți ”trezești„ organismul, că nu ai murit peste noapte ✅teoretic, dacă mănânci puțin seara este posibil să ai o foame a doua zi mai repede pentru că rămăi fără combustibil ✅caloriile din micul dejun sunt tot calorii - nu se ard mai repede pentru că ai nevoie de energie ✅ai grijă la toate produsele din categoriile ”mic dejun” și la reclamele din spate -- 👉Urmărește-mă pe @anaudr pentru postări despre sport & nutriție. Și #antreprenoriatpebune. Ai o întrebare? Pune-o în comentarii/DM.





What will you create for 2019? - Everything starts with a vision. Without a vision, you don’t know where you are going or how your are evolving; you might feel overwhelmed just trying to get through the days. - Co-creation through communication not only expands your vision but also bring further clarity. Nothing is created alone in a box so start building and communicating your vision today. :) #lovingleanne #loveyourself - PC: @gergely.kota



Skandasana ~ another one in my top 5 asanas ~ I loved just flowing from side to side alternating the opening of the heart space ~ ~ Yoga can be so intuitive ...just feel out where & how your body wants to move. Most of the time it will be right; as long as it feels nourishing and in most cases, strengthening.. ~ I’ve done a shed load of yoga this week, teaching 2 hours a day either side of the day job. Feels good. But ready for some Friday feeling tomorrow ☺️🍸 :) ~ #balance #balancedlife #movement #wellbeing #flow #slowflow #yoga #vinyasayoga #instayoga #nourish #yogateacher #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday



These are worth posting again because I think sometimes we all need to recalibrate our personal definitions of success, especially when we have a 24/7 flow of other people's highlight reels and perfectly-curated glamour shots from social media insinuating that we must be doing something wrong with our lives because everyone else seems so much happier. It's easy to get caught up in that, but you have to remember to set it down every once in awhile and assess it for what it really is: mostly b.s. As a lawyer who has spent most of my practice in the corporate world, I have met more miserable millionaires than I can count. If somebody has a ton of money, but it doesn't make them happy (which it usually doesn't), then I have a difficult time seeing how financial success translates to personal success. There's nothing wrong with doing well financially, but if that is your only (or even primary) metric, you're probably going to find yourself looking back on your life with some serious regrets. I have done well as a lawyer, but I don't even place financial success in my top 10 metrics for personal success. I am much more focused on living a balanced life for which I have time to maintain friendships, do kind things for strangers and help people in need, take care of my mental and physical health, get to the gym 6 days a week and stay swole 🤣💪, give good lives to my dogs, etc. Being successful at those things is far more important to me because I know on my deathbed I will look back and be proud of those things, not that I had a mansion and 20 cars. I mean, if that happens, great. There's nothing wrong with that. But it's just not a priority in my hierarchy of defining my own success. What's important to you? How do you define your personal success? #success #thoughtful #balancedlife #meaningoflife #whatmattersmost





Name a better duo.. Brother and Sister taking over Fitworks for the day. S/o to @wandawomanfit ✊🏾 #brotherandsister #siblinglove #trusttheprocess #fitlife #balancedlife #leanmachine #littlemusclesmatter #stayactive



I AM Wealth, I AM Abundance, I AM Joy and I AM Worthy! Say this everyday many times. Say it like you believe it. Say it because it’s true. Say it because the magic is in believing. When we truly believe something it is most likely to happen. Think about that for a moment. If you believe the worst will happen then it just might, if you believe you will never get the things that you want in life then you might not. Having Faith, Truly Believing and Changing our Perspective opens the window to a new realm of existence. The next step it being consistent, persistent, self disciplined and consciously aware of what our senses are absorbing on the daily. Love for ourselves = Love for others ✨💓✨



Finals studying necessities- oats with coconut milk 🥥 raspberries • strawberry jam • almonds ⭐️ pushing through!! #cleaneats #nourishbowl #nourish #balancedlife #fuel #fuelthemind #plantbased #oats #breakfast





Balance is something I strive for in my daily life. I’m human and accepting that I’m not always able to balance everything. The two opposing arrows create a balance in this sculpture, as well as some fun looking intersecting shapes. This sculpture is part of my solo exhibition @wunderkammerngallery Milan. - #TavarZawacki #balancedlife #yinyang #abstractart



HOW MANY CALORIES DO YOU NEED? 🤔 . The very first thing I do with a new client is figure out how many calories she will need each and everyday. . The 2 key players are: 1️⃣BMR (basal metabolic rate) the amount of energy your body burns at rest. (a.k.a your body’s metabolism) . 2️⃣TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) which is the total amount of energy you expend every 24 hours. TDEE is comprised of your BMR + physical activity + processing food you eat. . Once we figure out what your BMR and TDEE. Next, we identify a target calorie intake based on your goals! . This is the fun part! (Fun for me at least! I LOVE this stuff!) 🤓 . We can manipulate where your food is coming from to achieve fat loss, muscle gain, etc! . Learning about your body in this way will result in: 👉🏼Less frustration 👉🏼Finally hitting your goals 👉🏼Loads is self confidence 👉🏼Create a sustainable lifestyle 👉🏼Repair your relationship with food & your body. . I am offering a FREE nutritional assessment for the remainder of this week!!! 😉🎄 (My Christmas gift to you) . DM me or leave me a comment below and I will send you a questionnaire to take out all of the guess work! . What you’ll learn: ✨BMR: how many calories YOU burn at rest. ✨TDEE: how much energy your burn (physical activity + processing food) ✨Target calories + macros . LET’S DO THIS!✨📧 . . . #visionboard#beachbody#strongtoskinny#celebratingmybody#selfloveclub#stronger#newmewhodis#takealeap#mindsetshift#balancedlife#celebrateyourself#veganaf#veganbodybuilding#startwithwhy#inspiredtoimpact#yasgirl#blog#crossfitchicks#doggymommy#dogmomma#goaldigger#lifestylegoals#slaytheday#designlife#gratitude#lawofattraction #nutritionfacts #veganweightloss #weightlosstips #selfcarefirst



Hello peanut butter perfection! 🥜 When you're rushing from spin class to work before you even catch your breath, pick up a healthy-fat @perfectbar and nutrient-rich smoothie - both "perfect" for on-the-go fuel after an productive morning. #earthbar #perfectbar



SACRED SENSUALITY | Are you in touch with your sensual power? Do you feel sexy and in charge? Do you want to increase intimacy and connection with your partner? Do you want to have more sex and better sex? Do you want to feel fully “seen” by another person, naked and unashamed for exactly who you are? . . Most of us could answer yes to at least one of those questions. A theme I keep seeing with my clients this month is... "I love my partner but something is missing. I’ve been married for x number of years and the passion just isn’t there. I’m in love but the sex and romance aspect isn’t thriving. I’m craving intimacy and connection but I can’t seem to feel fully seen or understood.” . . Below are some tips for amping up that sacral chakra and getting the sex/romance you deserve: . 1. Self-Expression: You both have to be unequivocally 100% self-expressed. If either of you feels stifled, controlled, or repressed, sexual energy is crushed. Creativity and sensuality are from the same source. Nurture each other’s growth, even if you don’t understand each other’s interests. Encourage each other to find the hobbies, friends, or environments that make them excited to get out of bed. 2. Common Threads: Although it’s great to live your own independent lives, you also need to find a way to connect. People often express that they feel like they’re living double lives: one in their independent life and one in their marriage/partnership. Find a new hobby to try together. Volunteer for a cause you’re both passionate about. Find at least one thing you can both get totally excited about together. 3. Communication: Communicate your needs around sex and partnership. Set aside time once per week to check in. For 10 minutes, one person has the mic. The other person just listens. No rebuttal, no defensiveness, nothing but gratitude for being open. Then you switch. Being able to share openly without being criticized or argued with will open up more for your sex life than any kundalini awakening ever could. 4. Intentional Spiritual Practices: I highly recommend kundalini breathwork, eye gazing, and acupuncture/reiki to get to the root of any imbalances or traumas. Be open to receive.✨



By doing what we’re afraid to do, Because its beyond our comfort zone . We grow in confidence.” @sofie_sofie_s ❤️ #palmtrees #islandlife #ocean #balancedlife #growthmindset #imcoming #palmtreelove



💃 Yum! Does anyone else find themselves dancing around the kitchen and singing, “Yum! Eat that sand-wich! Yum! Eat that sand-with! Yum! Eat that sand-wich, yeah…”, when they are making a sandwich? Because that happened to me just now! (Yup…a sandwich for breakfast. You called it!) #eatlikeanutritionist 😂 . I try to eat many different grains to stay in balance. If I am in an inflammatory state (arthritis acting up, fighting a flu, etc.) I avoid gluten because the glyphosate and fluoride it’s covered with in the US causes inflammation. #itsallaboutbalance 🌗 . But when well, I’m SO HAPPY to eat a sandwich with crusty, fresh bet! 🙏🏼😘👍. . My kids makes sandwiches that are pretty and tidy and manageable. Mine are all big and messy because I just can’t wait! . Once an esteemed elder said to me “Miss A. (that is what she called me) if it weren’t for sandwiches, I would be skinny! Hahaha! I know what she meant. . 🤪🎉☺️ . #enjoyyourfood #hellosandwich #sandwichtime #loveyourfood #loveyourfoodeveryday #pnwlife #sandwichlover #sciencespiritnutrition #deliciousness #balanced #balanceddiet #balancedlife #balancednotclean #balancedlifestyle #balancednutrition #balancedliving #nourishyourself #nourished #iamwellandgood #happyhealthylife #portlandnw #pacificnorthwest #consciousliving #thatpnwlife #nrthwst #portlandnutritionist #pnwnutrition



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