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Something a bit different... πŸ’› β€’ I'm someone who really appreciates a visual and I thought this was a cool idea to represent my weight loss throughout the next months and years. I know numbers on the scale aren't everything - building muscle and gaining confidence are more important to me than losing lbs, but I really would like to get into the healthy BMI range, and sadly that means shifting some serious lbs... The jar on the left represents the weight I'm hoping to lose (x3 marbles per lb) and once a month I'll take a look at the scales and transfer marbles from left to right accordingly. Doing this only once a month should mean I don't get disheartened by the ups and downs that naturally come with weight loss, and means I won't be a slave to the scale. In one more week I'll have completed my first full month of BBG1 so will have a little marble update then! β€’ #bbg #bbg1 #kaylaitsines #sweat #bbgsweat #bbgcommunity #bbggirls #bbgsisters #kaylasarmy #deathbykayla #bbguk #bbglondon #workout #bmi #fitness #bbg2018 #bbgmotivation #weightloss #bbgweek4 #loweringmybmi



Tryna start this week off right with a bowl full of fruit and yogurt and a planner full of to dos πŸ“ Alright, Monday, let’s do this thing! πŸ’™



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