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ATTENTION: For those struggling with MS, RA, Celiac, Hashimoto's, Psoriasis, Excema, Crohn's Colitis, etc.!!!!!!!!! FREE WORKSHOP THIS WEEKEND in Mississauga by my amazing team mate Dr. Navaz Habib! _____________________________________ Autoimmune diseases plague 10's of millions of North Americans and the numbers continue to rise. At The Living Proof Institute, the secret to helping those with Autoimmune Disease is to NOT treat the disease but to restore balance in the patient's health. This is the "secret sauce" that helps our patients get amazing results and feel themselves again when all else seems to have failed. Don't be fooled by the latest drug on the market, they destroy your immune system and exponentially increase your risk of cancer. I've seen it happen to people I care about dearly because I could not get this message to them soon enough. These drugs would make a healthy person sick, so how can they make a sick person healthy? THEY CAN'T!!! When patients come to us seeking answers, we do a very careful evaluation of their personal, medical, social, environmental, and emotional history. We then determine the right testing to get to the ROOT CAUSE instead of giving them a band-aid to feel better. The patient is then given a thorough lifestyle and nutrition plan that is both practical and restorative. We only prescribe essential supplements based on their testing to get rid of anything that provokes the immune system and restore healthy nutrient status. Our objective is to partner with patients so that together we can help them feel their best and empowered to take great care of themselves and their family. We teach this process to hundreds of doctors around the world!!! This is why I am excited to share a special LIVE presentation that I will be hosting this weekend to share The Overlooked Causes of Autoimmunity. If someone is dealing with MS, RA, Celiac, Hashimoto's, Psoriasis, Eczema, Crohn's Colitis, etc. this is truly a life-changing presentation filled with hope and answers. This presentation is FREE and open to the public and health care providers. Seating is limited! Link in comments!



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