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Everyone put a lot of heart and creativity into decorating these beautiful potted plants to give to local senior homes. Sending lots of smiles this thanksgiving. 😊🌿 #teentaskforce #teenlibraryprograms #teenvolunteers #communityservice #buildabetterworld #spreadkindness #plantpower #succulents #mohrfall



On the subject of urban decay - I really wish for all people to have a opportunity to experience a better life. It seems apparent by now that life is damn tough, and working your way from the bottom up is incredibly difficult. Tools to get better, to improve quality of life, are worth investing in. If your trying to make life better for the homeless who live in a shelter, consider buying a blanket for yourself. I’m genuine on this point - “BLANKET CALIFORNIA” is a collaboration set up by “Sackcloth and Ashes” and WORLD MARKET. I’m gonna show off the nice threads later, but I want to say this is a great way to treat yourself and help someone in a shelter be the recipient of a blanket - for every purchase of a “BLANKET CALIFORNIA” box a quality blanket is donated to a shelter. It seems to upset everyone that we perpetuate the homeless epidemic in America, but I believe there is a opportunity to help the brothers and sisters on the streets of this nation, who need a helping hand, genuine thoughtfulness, and love - they are only human beings, just like you. Wrap yourself in something nice, and consider how we can gift others a better opportunity to enjoy life. Let’s all make “the people” of America Great again. - Deviné. #onurbandecay #urbandecay #homelessness #homelessawareness #homelessnessawareness #shelterlife #streetlife #worldmarket #sackclothandashes #blanketcalifornia #makeamericansgreatagain #buildabetterworld #beabetterhumanbeing



We live in a world of hypocrisy. We yell at our children yet we tell them not to yell at us or anyone else. We smack & hit our children when they "misbehave" yet we tell them not to hit. We are creating a very contradicting life for these children and causing more issues for their lives. We are living in a world of "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. If our friend, partner, or stranger were to yell at us it is considered negative. If our friend, partner, or stranger smacked or hit us we call it abuse. Why is it ok to act this way towards our innocent children? How can we continue expecting change in our world if we aren't changing ourselves and our behaviors that reflect upon our children? Our children are reflections of all of us. They are our mirrors to our pain. They are mirrors to our joy. What are we showing our children?





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