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How perfectly does this statement capture the feeling you get when you see someone who represents all you want to be? You compare and despair. 😳 It’s painful. We know it’s counterproductive but it’s like an involuntary movement. We can’t control it. 😕 I did some research into how to overcome Compare and Despair syndrome, and found people who don’t compare themselves to others and focus on doing their own thing are often happier. 😔 Here’s some quick tips to drop the compare and lose the despair. 🤢 1. Pinpoint Envy What does “Rachel” have that you want? Is it her commitment to creativity? Her inspiring yoga practice? Your despair may indicate what you want in your own life. 🙏 2. Be grateful Write down all the ways you’re killing it right now. It’s hard to wish you had someone else’s life when you’re grateful to have your own. 🤳 3. Log off Step away from your device. That’s right. Sometimes we compare and despair because we’re focusing all our energy on people’s highlights reel instead of real life. ❤️ Wishing you a despair-free day x



Everything’s better in #pink



Brand Superhero Lindsey Belknap shows us how her collaborative, cross-agency team reimagined the @onemedical brand in just 3 months by following instincts and "not overthinking it." 💬 Read her #TheInnovators piece, link in bio. 💬



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