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While my sister was visiting, she wanted to eat 32 desserts/sweets in the 6 days she was here to celebrate her 32 years of life. Well, we somehow did it but it nearly cured my sweet tooth. Here are just a few (she documented all 32 on her IG @kayec128 ) #donttrythisathome #challangeaccepted #challengecompleted #kayturns32 #seattle #pnw #canada #funwithmysestra #mischiefmanaged #desserts



Be you Do you For you #challangeaccepted



It’s hard not to notice, hardly anyone is ever just in the moment enjoying the experience first hand. It’s all through the lenses and filters of our devices, it’s fulfilling the need we somehow developed to humble brag about the wonderful things we are doing in our lives, it’s almost like we have resigned ourselves to secondhand experiences instead of fully immersing ourselves. I want to recapture the moments of pure joy, happiness, fulfillment, and community. I want to put down my devices and make eye contact with other people who have that same look of fire and passion that I feel. If we aren’t living in the moment and experiencing everything life has to offer in that moment are we truly living? /\/\/\ “And a great occasion is somehow spoiled for us unless photographed, And to read about it the next day in the newspaper Is oddly more fun for us than the original event. This is a disaster...” -Alan Watts /\/\/\ . #nosmartphoneforayear #contest #challangeaccepted #vitaminwater







Hiit done for a Tuesday night ✅ today was such an awesome class with an awesome group of ladies killing up stairs and pushing themselves to their limits. Today they learnt that the word I CANT in not allowed in my class. It’s I CAN and I will. A lot of people fear the box jump because they think they can’t make it. But once you break that fear nothing can stop you. “You know you can do it, don’t doubt yourself” hiit tomorrow night with josh woo!! 7:30pm come join in. I’ll be there sweating away with you guys can’t wait💪🤟don’t forget to book in with reception. #worldgymaustralia #worldgymburpengary #fitnesstruth #wga #pushingthelimits #killinit #inspireandmotivate #proudas #proudcoach #overcomingfears #icanandiwill #hiit #hiitcamp #awesomesesh #gameon #challangeaccepted



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