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Good morning and happy Friday from Dr. Blake ❤️ She found my medical assisting stethoscope and decided she was going to be Dr. Blake from now on. 👩🏼‍⚕️ #momlife #parenthood #daughter #toddler #doctor #heartwarrior #chdawareness



Today I celebrated my 100th PELOTON TREAD run!!! I’ve done probably 95 or more of these runs while Hensley Grace takes her morning nap; it is MY time to let loose and do something so important to ME. Not many of you know this, but I gained FIFTY pounds being pregnant. I was on track in the beginning gaining very little weight until we found out about HG’s congenital heart disease diagnosis at 23 weeks... then the wheels fell off. I couldn’t pull myself together long enough to go to the gym anymore, hell let’s be honest, I couldn’t even make it through a day of work without crying my eyes out at my desk, only to go home and crawl into bed and order takeout (I ate Arby’s as a snack once, a SNACK 🤦🏼‍♀️). I let the fear and worry of carrying a child with this disease creep in and take over, I completely spiraled. The many days spent in the hospital after HG was born, I decided to make a commitment to her and myself. That commitment was simple, get heart-healthy... as I have no excuse to not be mindful of my own cardiovascular health, get this weight off, and get back to being my normal, athletic-built self. TODAY, I finally feel like I’m there! Celebrating 100 AT HOME @onepeloton tread runs AND 55 pounds lost... that’s right FIFTY FIVE. My favorite instructor @mattymaggiacomo does a “Sunday Shoutout” series, and this week I will be looking for me! Yep, I totally fan-girled over him replying to my message. 🤩 Peloton may be at-home workouts, but it is definitely a community. ❤️ #peloton #pelotontread #justthebeginning #hensleygrace #chdawareness





Throw back to the first time we held you....we will never forget. Always a special moment for any parent. You are perfect. #heartmom #sickkidstoronto #chdawareness #chdwarrior #hearthero



Sam is 5 months old today! #watchmegrowwatchmelearn #chdawareness #1in110



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