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So apparently #vitaminwater is throwing a contest to see if you'd dump your phone for a year if they handed you 100,000. They said post a pic with #NoPhoneforaYear #contest well I did. And this photo above I found in my phone I have no idea when it was taken or why but I only know the friends in it. Last year at this time I was coming home from college for good. I had not been having fun in college. In fact I was having panic attacks every day but hiding them from everyone because I honestly had no idea what was going on. Only when I called my sister did she figure out what was wrong as I cried on the phone to her. So I've been back at home since then. And it's been refreshing. I had to really evaluate what is important to me and why I should even want to be alive. This picture is why. I hadn't seen Jarrett who's on me in the pic. I hadn't seen him in almost a year and I just met the fella next to me. He was one of my best friends Jake roommates and I remember it was like all of us knew each other forever the moment we sat down at my house. We drank and talked from the woes of women to how every university wants to shaft you. We socialized. And it was way more therapeutic than any post getting upvotes would every do. My friends and family make me who I am. So if I get chosen to put my phone down for a year you'll never hear from me for a year happily. I'll be taking friends on dates, grandma to go get a new dog with me, vacationing down somewhere hot, and being refreshed. So sure vitamin water if you wanna know what I'll be doing I'll be refreshing my life and filling it with what matters if I win. #familyandfriends



#nophoneforayear #contest @vitaminwater We gave everything up and simplify our lives down to just the bare necessities. This gave us the opportunity to rediscover who we are as a family (specially my little princess) , how strong our friendship is, and what we really need to survive. We would love the chance to do it again but this time by giving up our phones for a year . Could you do it....?😪give ur phone for a year... Giving up MY PHONE would means I could improve on other area in my life such as friendship,fitness😉 and finance..!we could all probably use a little boost why not !? 😎



My shop til you drop partner(s) in crime are my mother and daughter! And No one loves shopping more than my daughter... especially at Justice and Claire's!! And boy can she shop🛍👜 !!! My mom and I could shop longer if we ever had the money to do so 😂 so when we've spent our money, we just window shop 😉😂 #gettysburgoutlets #shop #mother #daughter #3generations #partnerincrime #shopping #motherdaughter #allday #gettysburgpa #contest



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