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Here we grow again! 4 more hens added to the flock! #crazychickenlady #fresheggs #kyproud #Appalachiaproud β€πŸ”









I never felt confident. I never felt empowered. I never felt strong. I never felt full of life. I never felt like I had the ability to be a successful entrepreneur. I was the quiet girl. I was too afraid to speak up for fear of judgement or worse the fear of feeling embarrassed. I hid behind my insecurities and let them take control of my thoughts. The negative self talk filled my head with lies and I believed them. When I started my health and fitness journey I had zero desire to become a coach. I had recently failed at one business venture and dreaded the idea of this one failing too. The thought of coaching excited me because I could see how it was transforming lives of stay at home moms just like me. And I could see it transforming mine too. But the negative thoughts filled my head with doubts and I decided against it. It took me months of personal development to get over my own self doubt and jump into coaching. And I'm so glad I did. Coaching is where I found my confidence. It's where I learned my strength has no limits. I'm no longer in fear of being heard. I'm no longer hiding behind insecurities because I'm learning to overcome them with healthy habits. And I want you to overcome them too. So I'm shouting it from the highest peak. Coaching has shown me that my passion for helping others can be a successful business. Coaching is giving my life I never knew I always wanted. Maybe it could be right for you too ❀



#crazychickenlady #henhaus missing the warm days of wandering the whole yard #daydreaming





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