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"My relationship with Kathak is a tricky one. It has so many layers and each shines out in response to where I am in my life in a different way. Art, discipline, rhythm, culture, age old traditions, exercise. To study, to move, to feel, to emote. How can you experience all of these routes all at the same time? The idea is to allow yourself to fail, to allow the form to fully take control of you before you can begin to control it in your own specific way. My journey in kathak has been one giant contrast, two gurus, two styles, two minds. Each unique in their own way, each rooting back to tradition in very different ways. So as a result I was taught to make each movement my own, to find my own journey through each moment and turn it into something new. With time I’ve let my mind fall deeper into the world of rhythm and kathak is no longer just a set of beautiful movements for me. Everybody’s journey in dance takes it’s own shape with time, and after dancing my whole life, only now do I feel like my body is beginning to internalise each movement in correspondence with it’s history. Every quick spin, flick of the wrist, shift of the eye has a story, and it’ll take me a lifetime to figure it all out." Saloni, July 2018. Photography, styling, makeup by @fixated_f #faiyazcaptures #kathak



Spent my day doing hashtag #decoloniseyourwardrobe Celebrating my brownness, my identity, and showing you queer brown men (men in general) don’t need to follow a social construct of heteronormative influence. And this is something I’ll continue within my little influence on social media and in everyday aspects. I look back at times where I’d be afraid or ashamed, worried about others opinions on me switching it up... to the point of me even avoiding wearing bright colours. I continuously over looked how it would affect my status, but most importantly I cared more about the opinions that came from the community/family/ethnic background I come from. But here we are in 2018 hitting the last few months of the year & I’m out here looking like a bollywood prince serving you femme Indian excellence and face. <3 Compared to the person I once was I’m now my most happiest, opinionated, liberated, new and improved EDUCATED individual. Who gives you nothing but positivity and unapologetic vibes. ✧・゚: *✧・゚ I’m no longer ashamed of the existence. Or self identity that I grew up believing was wrong anymore. And I will continue to express that!!! Through my looks!!! trips & bits!!!!!! But... this issue isn’t only within the South Asian community.... but in ALL community’s especially for my people of colour. Where did it get us? believing men need to “act” or “be” or rather be influenced by masculinity. Gender is a social construct. Don’t let it control the way you live because we’ve been brainwashed to believe WE as a whole spectrum have to act a certain way, look a certain way, or be a certain way. :*(*❦ω❦)*:・゚✧



Manveer, August 2018. Photography, styling @fixated_f #faiyazcaptures








#LFW Spring/Summer 2019 [part 1] . 1-2: me, wearing a kameez with trousers and a blazer, shot by @beigerenegade 3: blindingly brilliant moments at Paula Knorr 4: Emma Charles keeping the doctors away 5: the next big shoe trend courtesy of Kalda 6: Rixo's fashion week debut 7: Edeline Lee bringing the drama 8: racer-chic at Sadie Williams 9: embracing the dark feminine with Micol Ragni







Karishma, January 2018. Photography, styling, makeup by @fixated_f #faiyazcaptures



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