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Awesome day out at @driftability18 today. Drift-Ability is adrenaline filled fun for the disabled & special needs youth and their carers. The Secret to living is giving. Thanks to all the people and businesses that supported this great day. Thanks to Drift Club President @andrewmurphywa for letting me get out for a drift! Prophet for Purpose Join my purpose-driven community at





Want more money? How conscious are you of where your current paycheck goes? . @rachelcruze says that most of us are walking around spending with reckless abandon and not really even sure how much we make after taxes. . This blew my mind when I heard it because I track EVERYTHING money related. This may also be why I was able to max out my 401K employee contributions at 27 and why I’ve never had any debt (even as a business owner). . So my wish for you is to start tracking your money comings and goings right now! If it scares you due to math being involved please know it’s a simple addition and subtraction problem; no trigonometry required.



Am I right?! I know that when I'm determined to reach a goal, there's no stopping me. If there are road blocks...I will go right through them. I am later focused and i never ever quit. Ever.



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