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Tsé Bit’a’í ∆ Rock with Wings (Shiprock) • • • • • In Navajo culture, it is said that Monster Slayer was snatched from the barren land by Bird Monster and placed on Tsé Bit’a’í. With an arrow of lightening given by his father - the Sun, Monster Slayer killed the male and female Bird Monsters, whom prayed on men and women for their offspring. He swung the two infant birds around his head and created the first eagle and owl, to benefit the people of future generations. • • • • • 📍 Native homeland to: Navajo Nation tribe 📸 @vernankee Reference: NavajoCountry by Donald Baars #rezroadsadventures #rezroads #navajonation #vanlife #rezvanlife #homelands #lukachukaimountains #shiprock #buffalopass



I do stand up for myself, I do fight against injustice, but I am not alone. I remember my family, my community, my ELK family, everyone that I fight for. @thenorthface #diversifyoutdoors #browngirlglow



Megan Jayne Crabbe (pictured right, aka @bodyposipanda, posted a hiking picture and actually hashtagged #unlikelyhikers! This is a pretty big deal. Megan is one of the most well-known body liberation activists right now. She puts a strong emphasis on intersectional* body liberation (see comments!) and is a good example of someone who owns her learning process by acknowledging personal privilege* and sharing how she’s working through it. Anyway, it ruled seeing this in my feed. Go check out her great work! We hope you keep hiking, Megan! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Location: Mount Snowdon, Wales, United Kingdom #mountsnowdon ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Tag #unlikelyhikers or #unlikelyhiker to be featured! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ [Image description: two smiling people with arms outstretched stand at summit of mountain, with a lake and huge mountain ridges below them fading into the distance. Both hikers wear untraditional hiking garb (leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc. Not tricked out!) except for hiking shoes. Giving a refreshing, real view of hiking for most people or the new hiker. Person on left has an Absolutely Fabulous t-shirt on (the British tv show). Person on right has pale pink hair.]



Couldn’t have said it any better 💛🌎💛 #environmentalstewardship . . . . . 📸 : @earth911



When you get brand new cooking gear for the kitchen kits 😎Thanks @amariev09 for ordering the good stuff 🍳#joy #campout #cookout #diversifyoutdoors #melaninbasecamp #unlikelyhikers



Congrats to @kayuh on his first LMB! 📸: @outsideischee - "@kayuh came to help clear some trail and ended up with his first LMB. On his first cast! Nothing like combining Bikes, Beer and Bass Fishing. #outsideisCHEE #bassfishing #creekfishing" ▪▪▪ Use #BrownFolksFishing to share your story. ▪▪▪ #wegotnext #theadventuregap #diversifyoutdoors #thegreatoutchea #everyonesoutdoors #weoutchea #beenoutside #outdoorasian #largemouthbass #alohaoutdoors #melaninbasecamp #findyourwater #chokealoha #lmb #rippinlips #alohavibes #luckywelivehi #findyourwild #aloha🌺



The wheels are in motion to accelerate #EveryonesOutdoors, including the new Women’s Single Pitch Instructor Course. From a collaboration with American Mountain Guides Association @amga1979 , Flash Foxy @heyflashfoxy, @browngirlsclimb and American Alpine Club @americanalpine we are thrilled to announce the program which will elevate women in climbing and guiding. We’ve seen plenty of interest from women in the climbing world, so the pilot program is full, buy stay tuned for more offerings! #womenwhoclimb #whenwomenlead ⠀⠀⠀ Photo: @dan.holz.photo | @ospreypacks ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ——— ⠀⠀⠀⠀ We believe the outdoors is for everyone—from the boardroom to backcountry. Tag #EveryonesOutdoors to join our community! . . . . . #climb #womenwhoclimbrocks #flashfoxy #optoutside #getoutside #outdoorsforall #diversifyoutdoors #outdoorwomen #climbtime #adventureisoutthere





something that I literally will never be tired of rambling on about is water and the need for proper #Hydration while on the trail. water is life, Y’all. dead ass serious. it regulates our body temps and greases our joints while we hike and move around. it drives nutrients around our bodies like a chauffeur, giving us vitality(I like that word) and sustaining our health. without proper hydration, we are likely to catch muscle cramps and/or feel tired, sluggish, etc. . a good rule of thumb for watering our bodies while out in nature is to bring a minimum of two liters for mini-hikes and an additional two for longer ones. also, bring a bottle to leave in the car or at the campsite for when You’re done adventuring. water is life, Y’all. #DrinkLifeIn . tag a friend that needs to drink more water and lemme know how much H2O You’ve had today. #ChooseExposure



I like to smile! I do. I like to try and make others smile, and laugh, and have a good time. I think life’s too short to not, at least, try to enjoy it. And no, not every hour of the day feels enjoyable. Would I prefer to be watching Channing Tatum perform his Magic Mike show rn? HELL YES! 🥰 But some dreams may never come true, friends! 😂. In the meantime, we do what WE CAN to enjoy life, and this is different to each one of us. A couple of things I mentioned on my live video last night (still available for a couple more hours today) are: 🔸 Listening to positive affirmations, every morning; 🔸 Saying positive affirmations; every night. It’s amazing how much it’s helping me feel happier and have a better attitude, so I thought I would share! 🤗. Have you ever tried listening to and/or saying affirmations? What are your favorites? 💛💋. . 📷: @julianaturner . . . 🇧🇷: Eu gosto de sorrir. Eu gosto de tentar fazer os outros sorrir e se divertir. Eu acho que a vida é curta demais e temos que, pelo menos, tentar aproveitar. E não, nem toda hora de todo dia é espetacular. Claro que eu adoraria estar assistindo o gato do Cauã numa praia da vida 🥰 mas tem sonho que é só isso, sonho! 😂. Enquanto isso, temos que fazer o possível para aproveitar a vida, né? E uma coisa que tenho feito e que até compartilhei num vídeo live que ainda essa disponível, é: 🔸 Escutar afirmações de positividade de manhã; 🔸 Recitar afirmações de positividade de noite. Tem me ajudado muito a me sentir mais alegre e ter uma boa atitude no dia-a-dia! 🤗. Quem já tentou isso? Escreve aí as suas afirmações favoritas! 💛💋



At this age this is the only type of fall I can handle



dykes/witches who hike . . . . . #beyououtdoors #womeninthewild #diversifyoutdoors #theadventuregap #unlikelyhikers#modernhiker #womenwhohike #queerswhohike#queersinnature





I finally visited Silver Falls State Park south of Portland, Oregon. There are 10 waterfalls in a ~8 mile loop. Unfortunately, there isn't much detailed information on the trails out there. This video is from Upper North Falls. It was a fairly easy walk from the North parking area, about 0.3 miles on a dirt and native rock trail, mostly level. I then hiked a mile of the upper rim trail, which provides views of the Lower North Falls. There were two steep sections and two bridges, but otherwise mostly level. I did not attempt the Canyon trail loop with multiple segments to the other waterfalls. From what I could tell, there are places that would be too steep/slick or too many stairs. And dogs weren't allowed. I finished the day by driving through the park to the South Falls area. There are some wheelchair accessible paths here, including one overlook to South Falls, but mostly they go to the lodge and store. The waterfall trails become dirt or patchy concrete again, and there are steep sections. Hopefully I'll get back there another time, with less risk for freezing, and will be able to write up a full guide for the trails. What I was able to experience was breathtaking! . Ancestral lands of the Kalapuya+ people. #disabledhikers #disabledhiker #disabledandoutdoors #accessibleoutdoors #diversifyoutdoors #diversifyyourfeed #silverfallsstatepark #oregon #oregonoutdoors #hikingguide



"We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey." -John Hope Franklin. Photo by @seebake via #OurWild.



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