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When having too much of a good thing is a good thing. 👌🏼



Nearly done ✅ I believe I am mostly finished with this piece. I love the colours and the energy What part of the painting are you most drawn to ?



I don’t read books but I like to buy old ones. 🖱#book#reading#vintagebooks



🤩♥️ Going to slay last month of 2018 with in-store illustration at @rebeccaminkoff SoHo store this weekend!! Sat 15th & Sun 16th 1-6PM Shop & sip. Bring your friends! Come swing by woohoo 💃🏻🛍🎉



So few words on sustainability: we kinda getting our food figured out (although the more I go down the rabbit hole in research - the more I learn that nothing is clear at all but at list we are finally curious and pay attention). Art however is one of the most chemically infused process there is. For starters oil paints especially non earthy colors that came from clay (like ultramarine and titanium white) would often cause all sorts of illnesses until they finally figured how manufacture them synthetically. Yet canvases use a bunch of glues and other harmful chemicals in them still and so do paints and pain thinners. So I’m working on the new-old way of painting on canvas. First I stretch canvases myself but now I also prime them too. The canvas I’ll use for the new painting is made from organic unbleached hemp sustainably grown in Ukraine. It is unprimed, so I’m using unflavored gelatin and white acrylic primer. Although Acrylic is technically a chemical but it is water based and low VOC and is not toxic in anyway (unless consumed internally 🤦‍♀️💁‍♀️ so can’t eat that candy painting I just finished 😳🍰). It’s a longer process but it feels like a right way. So many artists are pro nature yet enjoying the comfort and accessibility of toxic products. It’s not gonna help way much but it’s something :) Happy Wednesday!! #sustainablymade #sustainableart #newpainting #sustainableliving #shoplocal #azart #phxartist . . . . . . . . #wip #artoftheday #acrylicpainting #oilpainting #artsanity #paintingoftheday #doitfortheprocess #femaleartist #womenart #youngartist #emergingartist #internationalartist #artcollector #youngartcollectors #artcurator #collectart #ecofriendlyart #choosenature #ukrainianartist #hempfarmers



One of the things that I didn’t expect out of becoming an artist full time is the time and energy that can be spent looking IN. I’m so thankful that my profession revolves I get to have the freedom to choose what I do and when I do it. At first that freedom seemed very overwhelming, that the possibilities were endless and at times I was fearful that my voice would be lost in the noise. Freedom and self discovery have been the greatest gifts that art has given me so far. Everyday I feel like I discover more about myself and everyday I take small baby steps toward wherever my heart leads me. I have this inner feeling of peace and faith that these small actions will lead me right to where I need to be, even if it’s to a place that I never imagined. ✨ Painting is a Work in Progress for @romanfineart



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