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Sarah has a new outfit perfect for church. Her mother sent us this picture of her this morning. She looks adorable! Remember Easter is just around the corner. Come in and see the full collection. The skirt Sarah has on is sold out but we do have other colors and any of them are perfect for any occasion! #easteroutfit #chuchoutfit #specialoccasionoutfit #weddings #justbecauseoutfit #littlegirloutfit #adorable #downrightcute #itsnotjustforbabies #charmcouture #weddingboutique


I meant to post this yesterday. We finally went to meet a friend from HIGH SCHOOL - like...that’s many moons ago. Anyway, we hope to meet her little guy soon, he’s got Down Syndrome and is 9! Let me tell you, Down Syndrome is ONE condition with so many different stories and differences! Every heart story is different, every diagnosis is different, every person is different! It really blows my mind. I have grown to LOVE diagnosis stories and my first concern is always how baby’s hearts are! So meet Ryan’s new friend! It only took me months to talk myself into reaching out because I was afraid she wouldn’t even remember me. And everyone kept telling me it’s fine it’s fine. Lol. 😍


I love it when he puts his hands on the bottle. No, he doesn’t hold it yet. Just sometimes puts his hands there. But it’s so much more than when we had to just incline him to feed him and his arms would just flopped back. Also, his pinky there, it’s a little bent - that’s a marker of Down Syndrome, did you know? But just because someone has a bent pinky finger doesn’t mean they have Down Syndrome. It’s just a significant amount of people with Down Syndrome have that feature. Let’s all look at our pinkies now! 😆😉


Y’all! I am seriously loving this kids motivation the past few days. #ryanstummytimesaga I’m gonna need this weather to stick around so I can keep these windows open. It’s working wonders. He was even reaching for things WHILE on his tummy today. This is a breakthrough. So proud of this guy! Rolled to his back a few times. Now I’m looking forward to him pushing up with them arms! 💪🏼💪🏼


We are killin the tummy time. I think he deserves a nap. 😂



This will be Ryan’s 3 month picture because, well, everywhere we went people asked how old he was. And my response every time was - oh, he’ll be three months on the 10th. Well, guess what, it’s past the tenth!! How did that even happen??? And nobody even corrected me! Lol. He’s like halfway to heart surgery! 😩 He still hates tummy time. He talks back and smiles and I think he has a few hidden chuckles in there. He does great with head and neck support while sitting, but in the tummy will just cry or lay it down. He can definitely tell you he loves you with his eyes. Still loves sleeping. Eating every 4 hours now, which doesn’t seem like much better than 3, but it is! Unless we’re on some weird rotation, then it still sucks. He puts his hands in his mouth and I think is learning how to work his mouth. Lol. It’s funny to see. 💙💛


Well. Typical. Pic of Ryan sleeping. But I had to post because he is so freakin cute and also he looks like a turtle. Lol. Also, I did reposition him because I don’t want him to reflux all over the place, in his own face, choke, anything and everything that I thought would end in tragedy. I also saw a swaddle blanket in Target (of course) that I think I’m getting on the next trip. It’s an arms up swaddled....anyone seen it yet??? I’ll post in our FB group if I can find a link to it. Because I swaddle him still, but he breaks out most of the time so I don’t want to, but I think he sleeps better swaddled. And this just went on for longer than I planned. My apologies. 💙


So, let me ask you this, are you all surprised at all that Ryan is sleeping? 😂 We are heading out today and we’re bringing two little to go toys. (Kids aren’t allowed to bring things in the car. 🙄) #McGinnisRules Including Ryan. Anyway, paci counts as a toy because it has a giraffe on it, which is awesome with grasping and feeling. And, trying out Ryan’s NEW EARLY Valentines Day gift, his @hellomylovedesigns teether. It’s more for us to work on grasping and since it clips to him, we won’t drop it! 🙌🏼 And he can bring it to his mouth etc. etc. P.S. We did actually win some tummy time this morning, I think we’re gonna have to use the window technique more and let him look outside for a bit every morning. 🤗 #RyansTummyTimeSaga



I love watching my big brother play 🏒 smiles for miles



My favourite little sweet pea @bulldogzmama


So this is how one of our tummy time sessions went today. Babies born with Down Syndrome have low muscle tone. While I’ve heard from so many that Ryan has great muscle tone, I love it. His biggest struggle is core/neck strength and that’s what tummy time develops. Also, arm strength, he doesn’t really push up when on his tummy, but I’m not sure what the typical development for that is. 🤷🏻‍♀️ And we’re always hit or miss. This morning, lasted all about 15 seconds. We’re working on it. It’s definitely a struggle. #SwipeLeft #RyansTummyTimeSaga



My Niyah girl. She always has a song in her heart and a dance in her step. Unlocking all that’s in her mind remains a bit of a mystery. She is very verbal, in the sense that she makes lots of noise 😉 but sometimes she surprises me with a random word i had no idea she knew or by singing the entire lyrics to twinkle twinkle little star. She is sassy, stubborn and wonderfully cuddly. I love being her advocate and hope i do her justice when she needs someone to be her voice. She is one of my favorite valentines 💗 📷: Victoria Delgado #niyahgracesayshello #niyahgracedoesbraveandbeautiful #downrightcute #shouttheirworth


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