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MAAK DYSLEXIE BESPREEKBAAR Dat is wat ik vandaag op #capslockdag van de daken wil brullen. Dyslexie op het werk is nog zo vaak taboe. Dat geeft werkstress. De sfeer op het werk lijdt er onder en kwaliteiten van mensen word niet benut. Wil jij meer weten over hoe je de kwaliteiten van dyslexie inzet in jouw team. Vraag dan nu een gratis kennismakingsgesprek aan, mail hiervoor naar Danielle@de-koers.nl . #capslockday #internationalcapslockday #dyslexiaawareness #dyslexia #Dyslexie #dyslectisch #werkplezier #werkstress #werkendyslexie #werkenvanuitjekracht #onderpresteren #beelddenkkracht #MatriXcoach #MatriXmethode



It’s dyslexia awareness month but I’ll always bring awareness to this... — Because I am someone who understand this since diagnosed at a young age. And it’s not something you grow out of. __ But, honestly I’m thankful that I have this and got the tools I needed to help me through life. Because, I can show others that it’s not something to feel ashamed of. __ Some people wouldn’t believe I’m dyslexic... but being dyslexic doesn’t mean you can’t read or write and it most definitely doesn’t mean your not capable of achieving amazing things. __ Let’s knock down all those stigmas.. because it’s about being more aware that it affects people in different ways. For me it’s getting my point across, short term memory 🤯, and vocabulary {a lot of time I make up words but it’s because that’s how my brain is translating it. And I run around it circles trying it my point across}. — But, just because thing may not come as easily to me as others just means I’ve gotta work harder. Raising awareness is extremely important and always has been. There many who don’t even know they have it, and get frustrated when they’re not picking up on things easily. __ Having dyslexia DOES NOT DEFINE YOU!!! And, shouldn’t ever hold you back from things you wanna do in life. I’ve made it through school, earned my associates degree, and dabble this blog world. It’s so common today and so many tools available. So if your struggle don’t be silent about it there’s so much help out there 💖



The most common definition is that dyslexia is a mental disorder that inhibits learning - reading, writing, spelling, interpretation of words, comprehension of written words, figures, symbols. The list is endless... But at least there's a ray of hope! It's confirmed that our intelligence is not impaired. Duh, right? So how then is it a disorder? He he he Ok, so we have issues with how we perceive, interpret and express written language. However, we are excellent at oral, visual and sensory learning. So again, I ask... Is it really a disorder or an "other ability"? What if we broadened the scope of learning? What if we enhanced learning/teaching? What if we had "dyslexia school"? Let's think about that... I'm thinking about it.... Are you thinking about it? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. Gracias. . . PS: if you're not sure if you're dyslexic, you know you are, you have a loved one who is and is finding it hard to cope and you don't know how to help, or you just want to know more about dyslexia - pop into our DM. Let's chat! . . . . . . . . . . . @prilaga #nigerianwomen #nigerian #nigerianwedding #nigerianphotographer #nigerianweddingpictures #nigeriaweddings #nigerians #nigerianbrand #pulsenigeria #laughnigeria #nigeriawedding @hustlersquare @excelandgrace #myweddingnigeria #nigerianbride #nigerianmua #prilaga #madeinnigeria #nigeriafashion #nigerianfood #nigerianweddings #nigerianonlinestore #weddingnigeria #purejoygroup #functioningdyslexic #proudsinglemom #excelandgrace #hustlersquare @dyslexiang @dyslexianigeria #dyslexiaeducation #dyslexiaawareness #dyslexia #dyslexic



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