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Keto Day 65: Broke my 19 hour fast with this delicious and simple plate. Two over easy crispy eggs from #peteandgerrys cooked in half a tablespoon of #kerrygold butter, 3 oz of baby spinach from #earthboundfarm sautéed in 1 tablespoon of EVOO, half of a plum tomato and half of an avocado with a sprinkle of EBTB seasoning. All topped with feta, black pepper, and crushed red pepper🤗 . . #ketobreakfast #ohmyyum #backtobasics . . Calories: 455 Protein: 18 Net Carbs: 3 Fat: 39



Coffee + Pumpkins = Sinéad in her natural habitat 💛☕️🎃



Organic is for the birds -- literally. According to Dr. Greg Harrison, DVM, a renowned avian health expert, “It is estimated that of the roughly 672 million birds exposed annually to pesticides on U.S. agricultural lands, 10 percent, or 67 million, are killed as a result. Just like in human health, birds and animals are affected by widespread usage of glyphosate and other toxic, synthetic pesticides.” Earthbound Farm's organic farming keeps millions of pounds of conventional agricultural chemicals out of the environment every year — and this strip of flowers in one of our fields attracts beneficial insects that help us keep the bad bugs in check without all those chemicals. #earthboundfarm #organic #chooseorganic #organicfood #organicfarming



Pumpkin, pumpkin



Instagram vs. reality #earthboundfarm 🎃


Pumpkin Patch 🧡



Clean out the fridge cauliflower fried “rice” with garlic, ginger, carrots, red bell pepper, cashews, egg cooked with fish sauce, Zoe’s meats ghost pepper uncured salami, scallions, and white soy sauce #zoesmeats #earthboundfarm #friedrice #lowcarb



I have spent the past 24 hours in Carmel Valley exploring different organic farms to work, teach and volunteer. . As you know I moved away from Carmel about a year and a half ago to pursue love and life with my partner at the time, as my business wasn’t able to be lucrative fast enough to stay in the area. . As it turns out, I realize the trip home was for more than just love. It was for healing, transmutation, clarity and strength in Self. . I recently received “an offer I can’t refuse” (Godfather) to move back to Carmel Valley to open up another studio space. This time with my best friend as my business partner and a dear friend as our investor. The perfect set up and collaboration. . It’s so beautiful the way life works. A year and a half ago I lived in the in-between, torn between two life’s. But now that I have finally healed all the things from my recent chapter, the opportunity to move confidently into this new chapter has arrived. #grateful #love #healing #organicfarm #mearth #carmelvalley #chef #sunflowers #joy #adventure #earthboundfarm #life



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