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Yesterday I was shocked, to the core, as I heard multiple people insult me on my size and furthermore on how I can be a Health Coach in my current state of weight. I was furious. . I laughed it off as usual and went on with my day but it stuck in my head as a Body-Shaming bad joke that I'd been told my whole damn life. . You see, after spending all my life with "thick thighs that will always kiss each other as I walk", a small chest, rounded hips and a curvy image, I hated myself for so long with the body God gave me. It wasn't until the last 2.5 years that I've learned to truly love myself and share the message of being real while loving ourselves HEALTHILY exactly where we are. . Have I lost 25lbs? Yes. Does that define me? Hell, no. . My "before" and "after" photos I regularly post as a health Coach are a reminder that I've come a long ways INSIDE and out. And I will ALWAYS be on a health journey my whole life...that is the beauty of it! They are not intended as a "look at me get skinny" forum. . Friends. If you have befriended me or followed me because you think I'm on a journey to get skinny, you are mistaken. If you think that being on a diet of water and crackers is where it's at, then you need to follow that person that does that. If you desire to watch me throw away my laughter, my joy and my real RAW beauty to eat only in fear, you will need to wait your entire life. . I spent all my life in yo-yo diets, binging and dieting, cleansing constantly while in pain just to lose that 1lb. I will never be that Jocelyn again. . And to all of you, who look at Health Coaching with a scale instead of a full picture of eating healthy with moderation, exercising to get your body moving and freedom from depression, reading positive things and surrounding myself with kick-ass women who are every day being their best version..... . I don't need to explain myself and I'm certainly not posting this here to have all you talk about how awesome I look. I'm here to say "Bring it on" to all the haters, all the men and women who think that I'm not enough. I’m Jocelyn Faith Ujueta and I’m a child of God. 👊





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