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Dood... Dixie is back in Cali! This was my first medicated beverage, I would drink it when I lived in Colorado and now they are back in Cali! Has anyone seen it out there yet? If not let me know, I got a guy or girl that can hook it up! #dixie #elixirs #cannabis #cali #california



New favorite mule: Tito's Vodka Powell & Mahoney Blood Orange Ginger Beer Blood Orange San Pellegrino (Measurements vary depending on mood) . . . #planeandsimple #wanderlust #bloodorange #moscowmule #cocktails #mixology #bartender #titos #vodka #sanpellegrino #powellandmahoney #craftcocktails #mixers #notsponsored #elixirs #lush #nightcap #traveltheworld #lovetheworld #justgoshoot #endlesssummer



If you haven't tried these raw vegan choc fudge cakes you are truly missing out. If you have an event that needs catering for with delicious raw vegan sweets. Send us a message. Image taken by the talented @fromourearthphoto 💌





Witches brew ~ here we have a large vessel of cosmic intelligence with the Queen, Baniesteriopsis, and her consort, Chacruna. . 👋🏽 all! Here to let you know of incredible high vibrational events happening at our space. Join us if you’re in Brooklyn for some magic! . . . EVENTS: 10/22-10/29 Kundalini for Vata Season with priestess @iheartkundaliniyoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ This has been a 6 week session, but you can jump in the last 2 remaining classes! . . 10/29 DIY Mixology with masterful crafter Greg Seider 🍸 Learn to craft next-level cocktails with plant medicines . . 10/24 Full Moon Cacao Ceremony with @iamkellykeefe 🌝 Experience high quality ceremonial cacao along with deep meditation . . . 10/25 Learn the basics and science behind fermentation with @contrabandferments 🍲 This class will focus on using all of our fall veggies: beets, turnips, pumpkins and more. . . 10/26 Sacred Sound Healing + Full Moon Ceremony with @tibetantuneup 🎼 Experience deep healing with tibetan bowls, gongs and more. . . 10/27 Hawthorn Tree Magic with Laruen Schoch 🌿A mystery, magical, whimsical tree - she evokes the charm of fairytales with a strong connection to the otherworld. This maker her an ally for Samhain or Hallows Eve when the veils are thin. . . 11/2 Shakti Activation with priestess @holixtic 🐍Awaken your life force energy with movement, breath and euphoric plant medicines. . . 11/8 DIY Vegan Cheeses are back! 🧀 Learn to make the finest sliceable cheeses with nuts, seeds and probiotics. . For more info visit our site under EVENTS or: consciouscityguide.com/animamundiapothecary . . . #highvibrational #events #plantmedicine #plantbased #diy #apothecary #healingtonics #medicinetothepeople #plantsmakepeoplehappy #elixirs #tonics #superherbs #adaptogens #witchesofinstagram #brujas #chacruna #barefoot #healers #farmtopharmacy #brooklyn #greenpoint #nyc



... • ELEMENTAL POTIONS • This big package of elemental magic and ancient wisdom is going out to a local GC business today! ♡ . All of our potions are hand blended upon order and infused with love, highest intention and prayer. Visit our website to explore our range and treat your entire being ✭ . Each mist and essence aligns with a Chakra to balance and activate your major energy systems. . We are also open to wholesale orders so please drop us a line if you’re interested in spreading the love ♡ . Love & light, Carley & Katrina xx



From the best elixir bar in the world @threetreasurestonics: . “It’s a big day here in Canada for #FREEDOM • Freedom: In philosophy and religion, is associated with having #freewill and being without undue or unjust constraints, or enslavement, and is an idea closely related to the concept of liberty. A person has the freedom to do things that will not, in theory or in practice, be prevented by other forces.” (Wiki) • Cannabis is a powerful psychoactive plant which humans have been using for thousands of years...Varying amounts, can cause a wide range of effects among users...positive to negative. • #ThreeTreasures is a #taoist metaphor to understand essential energies found within nature which can be utilized by a Human Being to attain longevity, abundant health, and spiritual immortality. • These energies are harnessed, by special #QiGong breathing techniques, and from special plants by hot water or solvent extraction as in teas, decoctions & tinctures. Together, these are #Elixirs for ones own health & spiritual evolution. • Smoking anything is harmful to the lungs. Short term usage, is different than long term usage. As are the effects! In truth, the best health advice is: don’t put smoke in your lungs on a regular basis. Be mindful & respectful if you make a choice to do so, only if it reflects your highest choice, your higher truth. • #Cannabis is an intoxicating plant, and with usage, can become psychologically addictive to its blissful feelings. SHE can help one to come to appreciate what one has, to give a different perspective on one’s life, yet, can also inhibit #ambition & drive to become ALL that one can truly become. • Since most of you here are involved in some type of #spiritualawakening ask yourself, as always: WHY AM I CHOOSING THIS? Am I truly a better person? Is my life in balance & harmony? What am I looking to get out of this experience? Is my consciousness higher with or without this in this moment? • These few questions will increase your self awareness. Be mindful, and whether you are a user or not, let’s celebrate FREEDOM today! • #elixirbar #yxe #spirituality #wordsofwisdom



Raw reishi mushroom tea. I procured these from an apothecary in Portland since I am still learning how to forage sagely. Take a few strips per persons serving and however much water seems fit. I used about 12 oz.. then add 2 tbsp coconut oil which will collect any byproducts from the mushrooms that may upset your stomach. Bring to a simmer and stir here and there for 20 minutes. Then let cool in the fridge to harden the coconut oil so you can separate it easier. It is bitter which I enjoy although I’m sure you can add honey to it if witches brews are not your favorite. These mushrooms have wonderful health benefits for your body and mind. #reishi #mushroom #mushroomtea #elixirs #🍄



It ain’t all roses and sunshine over here unfortunate things are inevitable. $1300 down the drain, and me screaming profanity at the top of my lungs; with every angering moment their should be something positive you can extract. Smooth transition:: This liquid seen on the floor is Reishi Extract, dark as oil. This is a testament to the highest concentration of herbs I use inside your customized Elixirs. This extract was a powerful immune system modulator and allergy reducer. It is also called the herb of spirituality. This is a minor set back in business production as I will be out of Reishi mushroom for a while but now all of my tincture taking people can see we not playing out here 💪🏾. A high concentrate tincture will not be transparent 🤫. #moverseducation #minorsetback #moverselixirs #tinctures #highestquality #elixirs #tonics #adaptogens #reishi #extracts #herbalism #tonictinctures #urbanherbalistnyc #controlledfury



Happening *TOMORROW*!! We can't wait to celebrate with you! Goods from @margalaxy_ , @beescustomcakes , and at night we're launching our newest project! Can y'all guess what it might be⁉️‼️ See you there!! 😋✨✅



What are some of the things that you do to handle stress around things like dentist visits and such? . . Having my essential oils with me helps a TON! I apply oils like lavender or woodsy oils before and after my appointment. . . What helps more? Self care! After my last dentist appointment I came home, cuddled my son, gave myself a manicure and pedicure, and went to bed early! . . Understanding and recognizing that having stress about things like dental work, budgeting, and scheduling are normal things! Its healthy that your brain is like, "Wait why is this person digging around in my mouth? How am I going to pay for this? Running around from daycare to appointment after appointment is exhausting!" . . When you start to recognize what things are worth your stress, you'll be able to decipher the things that don't deserve your stress. Being able to feel a panic attack coming on and reassure yourself of what and how you can deal with it sets you up for success! . . What are some things that you're stressing about? Are they things that are important, or should you talk yourself down off of the ledge? . . . . . . . #arosemanifested #holisticlifestyle #beatanxiety #meditation #manifestation #selflove #selfimprovement #selfcare #everydamnday #loveyourself #vegetarian #vegan #glutenfree #healthy #holisticlifestyle #holistic #chakras #crystalhealing #tarot #lawofattraction #reiki #healthy #green #wifey #essentialoils #elixirs #witch #witchy



Green Smoothie Bowl Magic! 🌿🍏🍌 Photo by the wonderful @crystallunaartis ✨✅🌟



We invite you on this inspired quest to explore the forgotten foods of ancient times... . Because many of the forgotten foods, commonly known as tonic herbs, are actually the OG superfoods. Superfoods, that we know firsthand, can instill incredible vitality and provide correction of all things wrong in all those who cumulatively consume them. . We consider Tonic herbs superfoods, because they can provide super-nutrition, and offer an array of valuable nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.  They are so deeply nourishing, with their nutrients being highly concentrated in a natural, easily assimilable form. Many of the nutrients the herbs contain are simply not found in regular food, and those that are wise will hold them of higher importance than the regular foods one eats. We regard herbal ingestion as most essential in the attainment of vital health and longevity. . These herbs, like the foods we consume, work by adjusting the flow of vital energy in the entire body of the human element. This is accomplished by increasing the energy where it is too low and decreasing the energy where it is too high. When we absorb the properties of the herbs, we also absorb the vitality of the herbs. This vitality passes through the pathways of energy to reach our internal organs; supporting and adjusting them to their optimal efficiency. . The value of adding these forgotten foods to ones’ life is enormous, and for most can be completely transformational. The deeply nourishing qualities found in our products is unlike anything else that you might seemingly find in the marketplace, and exhibit the purest energetic qualities, nutritional constitutes and herbal efficacy, period. All of our products are simply the strongest, freshest and most flavorful herbal superherb extract powders obtainable; for this is the entire foundation that we build our company on. We pride ourselves, while also staying humble, in holding the keys to incredible mysteries. Secrets that will be delicately unfolded through the use of our elixirs of life and instruments of immortality. This is our quest for enlightenment & longevity to share with you.



Save 15% on all herbal elixirs through 10/31! ✨ Herbal elixirs are divine ✨ The intensity of an alcohol based tincture is reduced with organic honey added. The flavors of the herbs combine perfectly with the honey. Let the legends guide you and find the right herbal formulation for what you need! Visit sungodmedicinals.com today and use coupon code FALL18 to save. #sungodmeds #herbalsale #hempandherbs #herbalproducts #elixirs #herbalcompounds #letthelegendsguideyou #herbalformulations #sgmlove



Some new Elixirs to fuel your day! Some athletes over at @crossfitreason say it's better than steroids!





Tonight in Nevada City, CA the finest show in town... Human and Amae and The Human Revolution. Starts at 7:30, $15 suggested donation. This one is gonna go off and we have a few musical surprises for y’all 😮🤫😉🌈🌎💚🎶💃🏼🕺🏽#nevadacity #elixart #amaelove #originalmusic #livemusic #dancemusic #getdown #singersongwriter #hippiecountry #countryrock #hippiestyle #cannabiscountry #alcoholfree #elixirs #sexy #uniqueexperience



🍵GIVEAWAY: MATCHA LOVE🍵 We love you guys so MATCHA (heh)! We’re super excited to team up @REBBL for a giveaway featuring our matcha-filled Soothing Mask Kit + some yummy, organic Matcha Latte Elixirs!✨🌱 ••••• The Prize: @truselforganics Soothing Mask Kit @REBBL Matcha Latte Elixirs ••••• ️To Enter: 1) Follow both @truselforganics & @rebbl 2) Tag a friend in the comments (1 tag = 1 entry, unlimited entries) 3) Bonus points for hugging a friend you love so matcha! 💚 •••••• Winner will be randomly chosen and announced on October 24, 2018. Must reside in the U.S. Good luck!!✨ . . . . . . #organicskincare #skincarecommunity #skincareregimen #skincareobsessed #skincarediary #beautycommunity #veganbeauty #veganproducts #greenbeauty #naturalskincare #crueltyfreebeauty #leapingbunnycertified #stayhydrated #hydrationnation #allnaturalskincare #truselforganics #REBBL #elixirs #matcha #matchalatte #greentealatte #zenergy #indulgemindfully #cleaneating #plantpower #plantbased #realingredients #nourishyourbody #superherbs #realfood



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