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Yesterday was Rodan and Fields payday. I dunnnnnno where to begin but I know I have to share it because it would be straight up selfish of me to keep this opportunity to myself.When I initially said yes to RF I was really hoping to be able to substitute teach and make enough to cover the gap.... After I said yes and saw what the company had to offer and what other women had done with it..... I decided screw that, I deserve more and I’m willing to work for it. I changed my mindset from...👉🏻I’ll try this side gig and see if it works To👉🏻Immmmmmma make this as big as I possibly can because I take joy in helping others and have something amazing to offer. Business AND product. I decided as long as I knew WHY I was choosing Rodan and Fields as my career path it didn’t matter if anyone understood BUT 👉🏻👉🏻I would make it my mission to show them why. To show them why and how we are different and why this is the opportunity of a damn lifetime. We aren’t your mommas MLM. We are a legacy brand that is allowing women and men like you and me to have a piece of a billionaire dollar company. We are the white tee and jeans of the skincare industry. We are classic. We are classy. We will always be here. Always. We aren’t flashy. We don’t overpromise. We are committed to consistency and greatness and always landing in that #1 spot. Which is why I will continue everyday to offer this opportunity to you. My one time investment was paid off in 6 weeks. I’m not one to talk money. But I need people to know this isn’t fun Money. My payday yesterday was the single biggest payday my family has ever had. Ever. I know that payday was earned and earned from a place of joy and love for what I do. Why? Because my main goal with this business Is supporting my team. Empowering women. So if you have any interest in being a part of something life changing with a group of kick ass women and a company that will always have your back. Lemmmme know. I’ll be here. Ready to support you. #join me #empoweringwomen #momlife #empoweredwomen



Hey @emmaetchason remember that one time you, @taylorjean95, and I had a beautiful impromptu meal together and caught up and hugged and played with power lipstick and reminded each other that we’re boss ass bitches? ☺️💕😆😘 How about a repeat?? 🥰💅🏽👯‍♀️ • • • #beer #beerflight #upland #btown #friendships #longdistance #longtimenosee #missyou #luhyou #empoweredwomen #drinkingwithfriends #feminists #nastywomen #onceabulldogalwaysabulldog #weforgiveyouforbeingahoosier #reunionsoonplease #butlerstudent #indyfoodie #travelingfoodie #kokothefoodie



Essential oils are a powerful way to support your kiddos health. And it’s super safe and convenient using these prediluted roller oils. . My kids love asking for the oils and it’s so empowering for them to have ways to take care of themselves. . Tomorrow morning, I’ll be going live to talk all about my experience over the last month using the oils on my brand new baby as well as myself during this postpartum period. Join live to get all the secrets 😘 . . . #lavenderoil #digestzen #onguard #doterra #doterraessentialoils #essentialoils #oils #oillove #oillovetribe #wellness #health #naturalhealth #healthandwellness #healthyfamily #newbaby #newborn #postpartum #newmom #empoweredwomen #empoweredmoms



My choice to leave teaching was insanely huge. It’s hard for me to separate my time in teaching vs the boys education - 💩scary! I need to be realistic and remind myself that all schools are different and he will thrive because kids are resilient AF! When I left my ‘career’ I felt pretty lost , like I’d given part of myself up, like I wasn’t bringing home the bacon (that was the hardest bit actually 🥓) I started Mamarooandboy to show my boys that you absolutely CAN! It’s okay to deviate from the plan, success doesn’t have to be defined by money and really importantly it’s OKAY to walk away from a situation that makes you aren’t comfortable in. I remember so clearly my friend telling me that I was badass in the middle of a tough time with my anxiety and one day it clicked. I am BADASS, we all are for one reason or another so let’s celebrate that ♥️ #badasscollective T-shirt available @mamarooamdboy.com 🙌🏻 . . . . . #survivingmotherhood #motherhood #thismamacan #lifeafterkids #identity #empoweringmums #empoweredwomen #girlscandoanything #girlpower #feminism #creative #smallbusiness #supportsmall #discoverunder5k



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