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Astronomers say that universe is not in a spherical shape but it looks as a flat disc therefore there are different zones in our universe and the diameter of each zone differs from zone to zone. Also scientists say that our galaxy has different zones as it looks like a giant disc, its greatest diameter is about one hundred thousand light years and its smallest diameter is about thirty thousand light years. - - The question is, can human penetrate zones of universe by recent technology? If human decided to do that we need to fly in light speed then it needs ten thousand million years to reach the far galaxies, here Allah Almighty says about that: (O assembly of jinns and men! If you have power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass (them)! But you will never be able to pass them, except with authority (from Allah)){ Sûrat Ar-Rahmân - The Most Gracious -verse33}. - - What made prophet Mohamed peace be upon him to challenge humanity by that impossible challenge? - The reason is that these words are not human made but divine made that descended from Allah Almighty the only creator of our universe and the only one who can make that challenge. - - Read ~ reflect ~ Understand - - The Meaning of Life in The Link on My Bio 🎀



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