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Diantara hal-hal yg diperjual belikan, cinta tiruan lebih mahal harganya😊 #percitraan #fakefriends



I was so used to just living life ignoring any pain I ever felt, that eventually I became quite the bitter princess. I did not want to be around people or receive any messages or calls from anyone (new people especially). It was challenging and I was definitely fighting own battle on top of the other ones. Every time Des mentioned the idea of new friends and new environments I literally cringed and would be so defensive. . . . You never know how hurt or beaten up you are until you start to speak. Pastor says that your words control your future.... After I spoke, I assessed myself and the next day I just wasn’t okay, I realised wow, I’m actually bruised. . . . These days, When I look into my heart through my words I say to myself; “there’s Work to be done”. . . . It’s hard, being vulnerable with people but it’s even harder being vulnerable with yourself. It’s very necessary though and we need to always self evaluate, in order to move on and forward with our lives. . . . To self evaluate, you need to first make sure that your eyes are fixed on Jesus, on the word of God because that is the mirror you use to check yourself out. You look at the word and then you look at you and ask; E.g (1) Do I guard my heart E.g (2) What seeds have I planted with my tongue E.g (3) How do I affect those around me REAL questions. . . . We are very used to acting the part as a Christian believer, staying positive everyday and fearing to notice even the slightest wrongs in ourselves. . . . Lying is not faith, don’t lie to yourself. If there’s work to be done, there’s work to be done. If you keep trying to pretend like everyone around you, you will get lost in who they are and forget who He created you to be. . . . God is your father and a father is always ready to hear from his children. No father tells their child to conceal their hearts before coming to him, no. He just opens his arms and says; “Come, I’ve been waiting for you.” That is love, that is God; God is love 💗



Hey guys I’m back yep most of you probably didn’t even notice I was grounded all weekend #fakefriends



When they’re eating chicken nugs and don’t offer me some #fakefriends











One of the most important things we do on this planet is to establish and develop relationships of all types. Some last us a life time while others last a few minutes. Take a look at the all different relationships in your life and see if they say something about you. Those you like keep those you don't let go. It will make a difference. #relationshipadvice #relationshipgoals #fakefriends #realrelationships #realfriends #goodrelationship #badrelationships #funrelationships



There are 3 sides to every story: Yours, theirs, and the TRUTH. Keep it 💯....y’all can’t keep talking behind people back and then come dap them up and smile in their face...nah we ain’t cool. #facts #fakefriends #applypressure #isaidit #enemies #fonni





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