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Searching- A unique and very interesting way to capture a film that I thoroughly enjoyed. Searching is a film about a man who’s daughter goes missing and he goes- you guessed it- searching, for her but digs deeper by going through the history on her computer to find some surprising facts about his not so little girl. I really enjoyed this film because they got an idea for a concept and they stuck with it- the entire film is recorded via the family’s computer screen or someone’s mobile phone. The film picture you are seeing is the screen the character is supposedly seeing also. It was so easy to watch and almost made you feel at ease because it was so familiar. They even added funny gimmicks like old windows sounds and games all us kids played. The way you actually saw David Kim (John Cho) was through the face time camera, and the way you saw the outside world was via new reports and articles he was reading being shown on the computer screen. I loved that as this film unfolded and the mystery’s and secrets got figured out you were basically in tune with the characters and as you read or heard facts and they started to click and make sense to you in your head, you almost saw the penny drop at the same time for the characters which made you feel engaged and part of the story and the hunt for the missing girl. The twist in this was the highlight for me- I won’t ruin it- but everything happens for a reason, it’s great. I was saying things like omg yeah the... because it’s just little things you forget. It’s so cleverly thought out and transitions from what, admittedly was a slow start, to a very intense OMG twist in the middle and a oh yeah omg moment at the end. If you ever get the chance to see this film don’t turn it down it was a very easy watch, and we all know what matters - it didn’t feel long! 8⭐️ #searching #searchingfilm #searchingmovie #missing #technology #apple #facetime #moviereviews #filmreviews #filmreview2018 #films2018 #movies2018 #2018cinema #review #johncho #debramessing #davidkim



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