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Lemon Essential Oil. Everyone needs a bottle. When we had our floors redone last month (I know it's a new house, but the first contractor did a very, very poor job and we had to hire someone else to fix it.), there was sticky residue left over that caught every freaking white dog hair. Weve been dealing with an evil tummy bug here, so I put it off. But tonight, NO MORE RESIDUE! This was just one quick 5 second wipe with plain lemon oil on wood. It is super safe for wood and all finishes, even painted walls. And smells ahhhhmmmaaazzziiinnngg! (Calling all parents with wall artist children: you're welcome.) See my story for the after! But lemon is so much than just a good sticky or coloring remover! Swipe to learn more! #lemon #doterra #essentialoils #wood #newconstruction #finishedwood #residue #remover



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