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BAD DAY AT THE OFFICE 😩😩😩 Yesterday was the first time in forever that I've *completely* confused my yoga class. Lefts and rights were out the window and I somehow repeated a side somewhere. I don't know. And I'm not sure that my students knew either 😜 (though I'm totally stressed that they felt a little unbalanced this morning πŸ™ˆ) . Basically, a little self reflection and learning on how not to do it again (eat lunch, sleep, stay hydrated) is a good thing! But wallowing in self pity is not. Today I’m back to the morning routine that sets me up for success, and the studio and business planning that gets me excited for what lies ahead 🌟 . For now, here's a little video of me gracefully face planting in hurdler this weekend πŸ˜… It's not about the shape, it's about the process getting there! Keep practicing, keep breathing πŸ’› . . . #yoga #yogacapetown #yogiswhoclimb #girlswhoclimb #training #hurdler #makingshapes #practiceandalliscoming #firstyogavideoonthegram