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Whoop whoop it's Friday!!! • I could literally not wait anymore. For those poor souls who have normal unexciting weekday jobs (me 🤗) Friday is a highlight. • I prepared a cute little bowl of @coconutcollab natural coconut yogurt quickly this morning (got up at 6 am 😴). I threw in some almonds, pumpkin seeds and berries and @post_grapenuts cereal. I am trying to reduce my dairy intake for a number of reasons (health & cows mainly) and because I love yogurt too much, coconut yogurt is my rescue 😍 • • • • • • • • • • • • • #tgif #breakfast #healthyfood #dairyfree #vegan #fruits #coconut #tasty #healthylife #friday #plantbased #foodfreedom #morninginspo #goodmorning #foodlove #yogurt #foodideas #quickeats #healthyeats #nourishyourself #selfcare



❤ Even een berichtje van mij. Ik ben benieuwd hoe het met je gaat. Ik wens je namelijk met heel mijn hart een decembermaand zonder schuldgevoelens en schaamte toe. Of eigenlijk gewoon een heel leven zonder schuldgevoelens en schaamte. Maar in deze maand is deze boodschap net even wat harder nodig merk ik. Er is geen andere maand in het jaar waarin je zoveel te maken krijgt met eten, regels (opgelegd door jezelf of het dieet dat je volgt), schuldgevoelens (omdat het niet lukt om je aan al deze regels te houden) en schaamte. Op het internet en in magazines word je doodgegooid met tips om de feestdagen door te komen, gezonde kerstmenu’s, beweegtips om in balans te blijven, afvalprogramma’s om straks in januari weer lekker te gaan knallen… Mijn tip: 🖕🏻 > negeer al bovenstaande. Negeer de goedbedoelde adviezen. Het is oké als je geniet van al het lekkers dat voorbij komt. Je hoeft geen verantwoording af te leggen. Je hoeft niet extra te gaan sporten om je zogenaamde kerstkilo’s te verbranden. Het is oké als je meer eet, ook al ben je verzadigd. Mensen geven vaak aan dat ze niet meer weten wat een ‘normaal’ voedingspatroon is. Een ‘normaal’ voedingspatroon heeft geen regels. Een ‘normaal’ voedingspatroon houdt in dat je over het algemeen eet omdat je lichaam voedsel nodig heeft maar een ‘normaal’ voedingspatroon betekent ook dat je soms meer eet dan je nodig hebt omdat het zo gezellig is, omdat het allemaal zo lekker is, omdat je niet kunt kiezen. En dat is oké. Je bent geen sukkel. Je bent niet slap. Je bent gewoon een mens die luistert naar zijn eigen behoeftes. Wie kent jou beter dan jezelf? Daar mag je op vertrouwen. Probeer jezelf de komende tijd eens geen regels op te leggen. Luister naar je lijf. Waar heb je behoefte aan? Dit zal de ene keer een stuk fruit zijn en de andere keer een stuk chocola of een oliebol. It’s all good. Image by: @theintuitive_rd . . . . . #intuitiveeating #nodiet #nondiet #nondietnutritionist #nutritionist #dietitian #dietist #fyourdiet #dietculture #fdietculture #foodfreedom #foodpeace #bodyrespect #bodypositivity



U P D A T E ✨ ~ ~ As requested, I’m updating you guys on how I’ve managed to increase my metabolism! Thanks so much to everyone who has expressed an interest in this, I’m so proud of myself so far and hope to continue to build my metabolism up until I’m at a place where I feel like I can comfortably eat what I want and have room to eat less or more. ~ ~ Would you believe that was me on the left 13 weeks ago sitting at around 1900 calories? I thought that was only 8 weeks ago originally, turns out I can’t do maths! But, I already knew that 😂 Now, there’s me on the right now eating 2200 calories and (if I do say so myself) looking leaner than before? It doesn’t seem right, does it? That you could actually look better while eating more food than less, especially when you’re always told to be in a deficit to lose weight and/or fat. Body composition is a VERY fascinating thing! ~ ~ As plainly as possible, I’ll tell you guys exactly what I’ve implemented into my diet and workout regime that I believe has completely changed my metabolism. 1. Slow and steady calorie increase over time. Every 3 weeks I increase my calories by 100 cals and track my average weight over those weeks to determine whether or not I’m gaining/losing weight. If I am losing weight 📉then I will increase my calories. However, if I am still gaining weight 📈, then I will remain at those calories until my body has adapted. 2. Increased NEAT levels!🚶‍♀️This means to increase my non-exercise activity thermogenesis (increase how much I walk and move around in a day). Currently, I’m walking 10k steps everyday and will increase this by 2k every month. 3. Periodise everything! I learnt this from the wonderful @stephenpetruccitnt (everyone should go check out his page for really insightful fitness information). I’ve structured my ‘lifestyle’ into three month blocks. Eg. M1: 10k steps, M2: 12K steps, M3: 15k steps. This works for HIIT and LISS cardio too. Increase your LISS from 20 minutes in the first month to 30 in the second and so forth. More in the comments!! 👇🏻👇🏻



Your stomach looks different when you sit down. . Whaaaat??? . This is something so obvious, so logical, yet, I used to have such a hard time understanding it. In the past, if I could feel even the slightest "roll of fat" hanging over my pants, I would freak out. I would feel like a failure. Now, I'm like: YEAH, my belly hangs over my pants, so what? Sometimes I even have to unbutton my pants when I eat a lot of food. And who has the right to tell me I can't? Who has the right to tell me my body is "wrong"? No one. Especially not me. Embrace your rolls 💜



Happy Friday lovelies! 💛 Porridge this morning with apple, cardemom, cinnamon, almond milk, almonds, seeds and Tahini. 😍 Some of you wanted some porridge inspiration so there you go! 😄



Food is not just fuel... . So often conversations about food focus on calories, micronutrients and macronutrients. Whilst that stuff has a time and a place, it’s so important to acknowledge the wider role of food in our lives. 🤓 . Food is inherently social, a way of connecting with others and having conversations that we might not have in other settings. 😊 . When I was struggling with my eating disorder, I felt massively disconnected from others and part of it was because I never felt able to attend social events that involved food. 😔 . I realise just how much I missed out on and looking back on that time makes me really sad. I can’t change the past but I do make sure that I don’t miss out today and I help others to be able to do the same. 😎 . If you’d like some help and support with ditching the guilt and anxiety around food, click the link in my bio to apply for online coaching! 🥳 . Have you struggled with being able to enjoy food in social situations?



😂😂😂😂😂😂 Happy Friday!!



Food is the ingredient that binds us together ❤️ Very lucky to have found a wonderful group of gals that will happily order ‘all of the sides’! Sharing memories and desserts with friends that are just as passionate about tasty food (and gypsophila) has been a major highlight of 2018! No labelling or judging of food or others, just happy tummies and minds all round 💙 - 📍The Maven, Leeds - If you can find this secret quirky restaurant then you’re in for a treat! We visited this hidden gem for a Christmas celebration and were overjoyed with the amazing food that was served. We tried out the globally inspired tapas-style sharing plates - like we literally tried nearly the WHOLE menu 😹. - 🍽 The chargrilled poussin, salt cod fritters and honey fried chicken & kimchi slaw were some of my favourite savoury dishes! The desserts were also top notch, especially the coconut and date rice pudding with bourbon caramel 🤤🤤 Would definitely revisit here! If you go let me know what your fave dish is.... • • • • • • #eatingdisorderrecovery #faceyourfears #brunchclub #girls #brunchbabes #leedsbloggers #leedsbrunchclub #brunchparty #brunchgoals #friends #foodandfriends #foodfreedom #tapas #sharing #leedsleedsleeds #leedsfood #eatwithme #restaurantguide #anorexiarecovery #youcandoit #support #mentalhealth #happytummy



This is whole mooooood. Don't get me started. SMDH. 😂



Pink Salmon Chowder ▪ THM S ▪ THM Cookbook p. 96 My husband absolutely loved this soup. He would have never guessed that it was thickened with radishes and cauliflower. So good!



Went axe throwing for a team outing tonight. It was in a brewery with tons of good smelling burgers and fries and nachos and cheese covered goodies. I stayed strong, only had water to drink and ordered a Cobb salad with no cheese, dressing or bacon (because who knows what it was cured with) and stayed on track with the #Whole30. Today was also the first time I ate meat in front of coworkers- this is a big deal for someone who had never had meat until about a year ago. I have been a closeted meat eater and still only eat meat every so often, but this is one step towards food freedom that I really needed to take. I for some reason took pride in my vegetarianism, even though it did not mean I ate healthy or ate what is right to fuel my body. It’s still a weird mental hang up, but I’m getting there. #foodfreedom #nsv #whole30approved #goals #foodisfuel #whole30day4 #whole30


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