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We get to be fit- feel good AND enjoy the holidays 🚫No need to feel guilty🚫 👍🏾Tag a friend that needs to hear this! Save the workout for later when you are on the go!! Exercise because you LOVE💖 your body Not because you hate it and are punishing yourself Focus on how you would feel if you already had the outcome— chose to feel that way AND act as if it’s a DONE deal The results will come💖 Here is a 10 minute workout I did right before jumping on a plane 👉🏾set a timer ⏱, let it rip 1️⃣curtsy lunge left/squat/curtsy lunge right 10x . 2️⃣10 mountain climbers/1 lay down pushup 10x . 3️⃣10 heal touchers- 10 Pilates 100, you do 10 but repeat 10x for a total of 100 💖 Ready to bust your excuses? Join my free fitness challenge Sleigh the Holidays! Go to Facebook, search “Driven Women Fitness” reply to pinned post We start tomorrow!!!



Had a fun time at the Texans game today...even though we lost 😏 @day_varg #houstontexans #texans #texansfootball #texansnfl #itskerrywalsh #itsmylife365 #foodfreedom #foodfreedomforever



Lately I have been trying and playing with new healthy ingredients combinations. These healthy peanut butter cups are the 💣!!! #macrofriendlyrecipes



Finding health and wellness hasn’t been just about changing my diet. I’ve also been focusing on doing things that bring me joy. Riding a motorcycle 🏍 is one of them. As the cold weather ❄️ has come, it’s something that I’ve really been missing. I miss the rush, the escape, the peace. The other day I had the opportunity to ride a dirt bike and I could not pass it up. So much fun and a sport I want to look into doing more of. I’m really looking forward to the warmer months ahead. In the mean time though I’m resting more, spending time with new and old friends, and taking things a little slower. Every day is a gift and I’m learning to find joy in them all, even if it’s not spent on a 2 wheels 😉. This is health. This is wellness. This is living! • • • #holistichealing #holisitichealth #beyou #healthylife #findingjoy #becauseimworthit #love #joyfulliving #eatrealfood #fitgirl #foodfreedomforever #thisisliving #thisislivingwhole #positivity #loveyourself #selflove #selfcare #bodypositivity #namaste #loveyourlife



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