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Samādāra ➰ reverence.... these next few years is a very amplified and powerful one in my Vedic chart, with the peak of this potency in 2020. My Vedic astrologer mentor opened me up to the practice of Samādāra and I want to share a little with you... read on if you wish 🌿. . . . Deep reverence, that moment that fills you up with wonder, joy, AWE.. to practice Samādāra one must seek these moments out everyday. Nature, holding space and ceremony for awakened women, bringing babies into the world... that is where I practice my Samādāra. . Why? Because as Zen Buddhist Adyashanti would say, connection with source-God-good-creation-universe gives us presence! And a powerful presence in the world is power-full. . . .



The Kiosk Palms



~wilding~ she runs to the forest that grows in the mystery of her own magic trees dance as she comes fallen leaves kiss the soft under of her feet all the air is fettered in gold everything she sings to, blooms and a forlorn melody roams through the afternoon one end of the song tethered to her body, the other to the end of her journey, calling her forward the whole world is silent; the whole word is bursting with noise • • • #poetrycommunity #poetry #poetsofinstagram #photography #aspiringwriter #modeling #inspiration #fantasy #words #forest #lotr #magicwords #dreamworld #yogini #meditation #imagination #dailyquote #manifest #nature #aliceinwonderland #beautiful #naturephotography #freepeople #fairytale #princess #crystals #god #innergoddess #palestinian #fashionphotography





A smile continues to be the best accessory. 😁 photo via @cocobaudelle @freepeople 🌷 #freepeople #sfstyle #sfstylist #bayareafashion #maxidress #smilemore



“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself” ~ Carl Sagan . I’ve been watching the documentary series, #Cosmos on @netflix and it’s absolutely phenomenal 🤩 . It got me tells us that we live in an infinite universe and cosmos; one that is evolved and intricately connected in every way down to the tiniest particles. Why wouldn’t we as humans be as well? . If the universe is infinite and intricately connected, with unlimited potential, and we are literally made of stardust. That must make us all infinite, unlimited and deeply connected as well. . We are connected to everything, including the vast, unlimited power that created our whole universe - and we always have been💫 . This gives us the birthright to be unlimited and infinitely powerful as well, as we are made of the same matter as the limitless universe. And this makes us able to create and evolve into whatever we can imagine if only we have the courage to bring it into existence...



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