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truthfully, my @essencefest weekend was both a complete blur and an astounding success! let me explain... __ it was a blur because one minute, I was cutting, pasting & revamping scripts for the Empowerment Experience. then I looked up, took a breath, and it was Sunday night...literally! it was an astounding success because our keynote conversations and panel discussions were so well-attended, plus the scripts just...clicked (thank every God!). __ all that said, this is one of the rare pics I took (many thanks to Gia, for orchestrating this fab, belly-rub moment with @yolizama & baby Sangweni...and to Yolanda, for being so on-point with your speeches and talking points). and to @g.therese_ and team @gecharpresents, many thanks for your patience and trust in me (and my “creative process”)! 📷: @giapeppers ✍🏽🎬🎤 __ #essencefest #empowermentexp #giapeppers #yolandasangweni #ginacharbonnet #gecharpresents #scriptwriter #upallnight #wedidit #teamwork #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #backstage #hoopearrings #cutandpaste #pennedbymoi #robertsonink



Thank you! ❤️ #Repost @blackgirlsrock ・・・ Kudos to BGR! family Gina Charbonnet (founder, @GeCharPresents) dishing on how she works it! During a recent interview with @blackenterprise Gina talked about her “aha moment” after producing projects for New Orleans Jazz Festival, Essence Festival, the BLACK GIRLS ROCK! Awards, and more: “It’s not just about working on projects that empower the masses, it’s about embracing the ideas we live, breathe, and develop and experiences that we create. It shifts your life, your vision, and the lives you touch when you realize that the work you are doing is empowering people.”





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