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One of my all-time favorite cupcake recipes packed with flavor and whole food goodness!💚The recipe is on our recipe blog page on the website or in my Sweet Secrets cupcake book. This one has grated zucchini ‘worms’ in the frosting and is full of the sweet tastes kids and husbands love while super packed with nutrition!🥒🍠🥥 🎃🤠 #grainfreecupcakes #paleofriendly #ketofriendly #lowcarbbaking #sugarfree #monkfruitsweetener #erythritol #halloweenbaking #autoimmunewellness #glutenfreehalloween #kidscupcakes #sweetsecrets #sweetsecretsrealfoodcupcakes #kickstartercampaign



ALMOST WEEKEND | time for a treat!....Figgin’ Delicious Fig and Chocolate Cupcakes, anyone? . . Grain-Free, dairy-free, no refined sugar and still friggin’ delicious! 😋 Want some? Recipe on the blog (link in bio). Happy Almost Weekend Everyone! . . . #foodsoulutions #grainfree #grainfreeliving #grainfreecupcakes #cupcakes #figseason #figlover #figsandchocolate #figs #chocolateplease #norefinedsugar #gfbaking #cupcakeworld #gourmetcupcakes #foodandwine #berkeleyfoodie #berkeleyfarmersmarket #latesummerdays #almostweekend #weekenddreaming #healthybaking #eatforhealth #naturalchef



I really do get this excited about cupcakes! Especially when they're grain free😉Grab the free Real Food Desserts Ebook in my Linktree to grab this recipe🤗 #realfooddesserts #grainfreecupcakes #healthycanbedelicious



Yesterday all I really wanted to do was cook some food and hang out. So that’s exactly what I did. I ended up making turkey burgers with caramelized onions on butter lettuce, green beans (cooked in ghee with some salt, pepper, and a squeeze of lemon), and some homemade guac. Oh I also made some cupcakes. I used the recipe from @againstallgrain’s blog. Grain free strawberry cupcakes with a strawberry merengue frosting. It was my first time making a merengue and I’m honestly so pleased with how it turned out. I feel fortunate that I was able to share these treats with people I treasure dearly, who were very kind and said it all tasted great. To quote one person, “you should be more than confident, you should be proud. Not that I’m telling you how to feel!!” I still get nervous to share my food and treats with people because I know a lot of the time it doesn’t necessarily taste “traditional.” However I love cooking and sharing food with people. It brings me joy. So I’m going to keep doing it. 😊 . . . #glutenonthefritz #glutenfree #grainfree #soyfree #refinedsugarfree #dairyfree #scd #scddiet #scdlegal #specificcarbohydratediet #paleo #autoimmunepaleo #ulcerativecolitis #ulcerativecolitisfighter #ulcerativecolitisfriendly #paleocupcakes #grainfreecupcakes #againstallgrain #4thofjuly



RAW🥕CARROT🥕WALNUT CUPCAKE with CASHEW MAPLE🍁 FROSTING 😍 this is how we do TREATS 😋 Another Birthday 🎂 party🎈in school today and this time, mommy was prepared! 🍰 this👆🏼cupcake is made with minimal, Whole and real food organic ingredients- unprocessed #rawvegan and DELICIOUS! 🤗 I can feel good about #healthytreats when they look like this👆🏼! Naturally sweetened with #dates 🙌🏼 and the fact that my #daughter shared it with me made me beam with pride 😁🤩😎 #proudmommymoment



🌸SPRING🌸 time calls for spring cleaning which I’m not too mad about🌷who is with me!?🙋‍♀️ This year has been a bit different... I’ve been in the process of cleaning my closest out for probably six months to cut down on the overwhelming amount of clothes that I own. TBH I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I have as many clothes as I do!🙈 I’ve been slowly choosing old articles of clothing to give away or sell. Most items I haven’t worn in over a year and I just need to stop convincing myself I will actually need that piece of clothing again🤦‍♀️ anyone else do this? My three closet cleaning rules currently go like this: 1. Have I worn it in the last year? 2. Do I have anything similar to it? 3. For every new piece of clothing bought, I have to remove at least 1-2 items from my closet What are you tackling during Spring cleaning season??? . Also we can’t forget 🥕Carrot Cake Coconut Muffins🥕 always help motivate us a little bit through the cleaning process! (dEATS will be in my stories and RECIPE highlights!)



My preschooler wanted to wash down his carrot cupcake with carrot juice. I told him we are all out and that our Costco has discontinued selling it, and he became angry. Hangry? No, thangry! Is that even a thing? It should be. I try not to cater to his selfish whims (ok, I totally do all the time; he's my baby), but the boy was begging for CARROT juice, not Coke. Then I remembered thatI have a very neglected juicer. Voila, fresh carrot juice for the baby boy. . . . . . . . #carrotjuice #juicer #freshjuice #carrots #kidapproved #healthykids #grainfree #almondflour #almondflourcupcakes #grainfreecupcakes #freshcarrotjuice #carrotlove #drinktherainbow





When a sweet baby turns ONE and your client asked you for special healthy cupcakes, you don’t say no! Caked-up version of my gluten, grain and sugar-free brownies and topped them with Neufchâtel cheese frosting. I had to slap those together on top of 4 other complete meals but they were delicious. • • • • • #honeycombhomemade #frosting #sugarfreelife #healthierchoices #organic #glutenfreefood #neufchâtelcheese #honey #maplesyrupgradeb #cupcakes #grainfreecupcakes



Made these GAPS-friendly caramel macadamia cupcakes for a little birthday celebration tonight. Thanks for the recipe Quirky Cooking @jowhitton! Who would have thought you could make such a nice little cake from not much more than macadamias, eggs, dates, and coconut cream?!



Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake... Sugar Free, Dairy Free, Grain Free, Guilt Free! Recipe is up on the website today. Visit #vitalhealthrecipes #healthyanddelicious #strawberryshortcake #coconutflourcupcakes #grainfreecupcakes #sugarfreedesserts #sugarfreetreats #dairyfreedesserts #guiltfreedessert



Tonight I made Ryan some @ibreatheimhungry Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes with Mocha Frosting for Valentine’s Day. 🍫💛💛💛 They turned out sooo good!! & they’re totally Keto, as each one has less than 3g net carbs. One thing I love about Ryan is that he genuinely appreciates everything I make. I didn’t feel any pressure to make regular cupcakes. In the past I’ve had boyfriends who made fun of me & gave me a hard time about the way I ate. One was so hateful that he became a fruitarian just to spite me. 😂 Anyway- I’m thankful for Ryan being completely different, for him always encouraging me to eat the way that makes me feel best. Also, isn’t he just adorable? 😍



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