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FOOD FOR THE BEAST Tonight's servings of food is with baked beans and vegetable pastie. FOOD BENEFITS: 1. Every type of food has benefits in it, it just depends on what you serve it with. 2. Baked beans contain little fat and are full of protien and fibre which helps the digestive system. 3.Baked Beans count as a vegetable which means your getting in all the good stuff. 4. Baked Beans also give you energy which can be used in a workout. 5. Baked Beans also helps to unblock the digestive system by helping you to FART.. NUTRITIONAL ADVICE: 1.Don't underestimate the power of baked beans. 2. Just eat the bloody thing. #bakedbeans #foodforthebeast #deliciousandnutritious #healthandwellbeing





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