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Did a little pumpkin and leaf painting today. #fallcrafts #sundayfunday #family #makingmemories



Another zoodle adventure!! Zoodles from @bushesbunches stir fried with leftover homemade vegan French onion soup (onions from @fullcirclefarms), Frescatrano olives (they’re so buttery and delicious), grilled artichoke hearts, peppadew peppers, diced tomato from Bushes, and Wildwood baked tofu. #vegan #zoodles #organic #localproduce #alaskagrown #lowcarb #tofu #olives #breastfeedingdiet #postpartumdiet #postpartumhealth #healthymama #healthymommy #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #plantbasedmeal #tastesbetterthanitlooks #nourish #veganrecipes #nomeat #meatless #nomnom





Sundaaaaay 🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️🌸🌸 Had a mega busy day being mum and flying solo. I am exhausted!! Ready for a new week tomorrow, come at me Monday 👌🏼 _________________________________________________________________ #hiit #hiitfit #hiitbeginner #sixweeks #biggestloser #bootcamp #durablefitness #bury #fit #fitfam #fitness #fatloss #bodyconfident #fitforthirty #fitmama #health #healthymama #healthymind #newlifestyle #livingmybestlife #nowornever #strongnotskinny #achievinggoals #letsgo



After you give birth, good food is SO important! When we are hungry and under-nourished, our mood, energy and pain thresholds plummet, making it much harder for our bodies to heal themselves ❤ . One partitular nutrient that is VERY important to get into our system after giving birth is IRON! It's really hard for our bodies to hold onto iron during pregnancy, and since we will be losing blood during and after delivery, it's very likely that our iron levels will be low. . Low iron can cause tiredness, weakness, and headaches, so the more we can get into our system, the better we will feel. . Foods that are rich in iron include meats like chicken liver, beef, and lamb, as well as green leafy vegetables 🌿, fortified breads and cereals, beans and dried apricots. . Vitamin C helps our body to absorb iron so be sure to include lots of fruits and veggies in your diet too - think greens in your smoothies or tomatoes with your meats! 🍅 . Look after those iron levels mama!! With everything that comes with new mamahood (aches, pains, exhaustion) keeping iron levels up can really help us to recover well and keep our energy up to enjoy our babies 💞 . . . . . #nutritionfirst #nourishyourbody #nutritionconsultant #mamalife #postnatalnutrition #healthymama #healthypregnancy #pursueyourpassion #mamapreneur #liveyourtruth #sunshine #toxinfree #holistichealth #pure #prenatalhealth #inspiration #pursuehappy #findyourjoy #mamaonamission #boymama #girlboss #betheexample #wahm #abundantmindset #positiveenergy #vibewithme #motivatedmama #mamahood #gratefulheart



Bring your kid to work, day. . . My son has been begging to come to the gym with me lately. I figured Sunday would be best, because the gym is usually empty. . As parents it's our job to instill things into our children. Things that will create and mold a successful, happy, and healthy adult. It's obvious that most parents teach their children kindness, manners, and love (hopefully?).. But what about health, nutrition, confidence, self esteem, and self love? These things are important, too! . I don't always feel like I'm doing the right thing, but i'm excited that my son wants to work out like mommy because he thinks i'm healthy and strong and wants the same for himself. I never push things on my kids, but I do educate them on what they are eating, and what it does to their body. How moving benefits their health. Why exercising is important for our heart and lungs. . ...And what curls do for your biceps 💪 . #bringyourkidtoworkday #emptygym #likemotherlikeson #flexing #fitmama #fitkids #pullday #backandbiceps #nutritioncoach #girlswholift #girlsjustwannahaveguns #motherandson #futurelifter #teachemyoung #fitness #momhard #mombod #thatsmyboy #biceps #SELFLOVE #selfcare #healthymama #beanexample





My little lover giving kisses! I’m beyond happy I have the energy to be a great mama for him now to our lifestyle. And he eats very similarly and chooses healthy options over junk 😍 #healthymama #boymama #ketomama #grannyhair #greeneyes #fueledbyfat #ketolifestyle



#ootd my new xl maternity clothing! #igotitatross And I'm also 17 weeks today! Starbucks drink is a heavy cream latte. 📸 By my Instagram husband, @jeffmesker 💜 #keto #ketosis #ketogenic #ketopregnancy #ketobaby #pregnancy #diabetic #diabetes #diabeticpregnancy #type2diabetic #ketomama #diabeticmama #fitmama #healthymama #lchf #babybump #momswithtattoos #momswithpiercings #17weeks



We are all hungry after church, a snacky lunch is our go-to when we are short on time. What's your favorite quick and healthy lunch to make? *Uncured pepperoni slices *Manchego Cheese slices *Carrot and celery sticks *Seaweed *@simplemills crackers *Apple slices after because we were still hungry





Why I do what I do… I’ve always been in absolute awe of pregnant women. I think it’s the most magical thing in the whole wide world. I’ve been pregnant twice - one pregnancy was easy breezy and one was really tough, but they were still both utter magic. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ A friend of mine got pregnant at a young age, around the same time I started becoming intrigued with the impact nutrition has on our health & functioning. She had a health worker visit her home to discuss the importance of prenatal nutrition, and I remember thinking that being around pregnant women and talking about nutrition sounded like the most fascinating thing I could possibly devote myself to. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Now I not only get to do deeply satisfying work supporting mothers & babies, but I’m also opening Oh Baby Academy to help empower other women to follow their passion and make a real difference. It honestly makes me giddy and I’ve never felt more sure of my purpose. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Oh Baby Academy is a labor of love and I’m thrilled to announce that it opens for enrollment on WEDNESDAY! And I really can’t wait. {Sign up to be notified, link in my stories.} . Photo x @jenzelvelo for @mothermusemag



Decided to take my buggy to the park this morning. We’re taking advantage of this nice weather. And yes, I would live in a headband if it’s weren’t for that fact that I have to comb my hair for work. 😂😂 . . #megansmisfits #mamawithacamera #loveyourbodyloveyoursoul #momswhoworkout #hustletoglow #paraprofessional #youvegothisgirl #momofthree #boymama #healthymama #gratefullife #healthywifehealtylife #shortmama #workingmama #sweatsesh #Ivegotgoals #lovemyfamily #healthylifestyle #youdoyou #NMgirl #AZliving #queencreekaz #furbabies #animallover #girlwithgoals #iworkoutforme #inspriesomeone #letsdothisshit Headband- @megansmisfits



When your recipe calls for 2 cloves of garlic 😲 . Think these organic garlic cloves from the market have a growth defect! I have never seen any so big! . We all know how garlic smells and tastes amazing…but throughout ancient history, the main use of garlic was for its health and medicinal properties, which are well documented by many major civilizations, including the Egyptians, Babylonians, Greeks, Romans and Chinese. . Most of garlic’s health benefits are caused by sulfur compounds formed when it is chopped, crushed or chewed. To gain the most antioxidant rich phytonutrients to reduce inflammation, help rid the body of heavy metals, and boost detoxing enzymes…crush garlic about 10 minutes before you use it…oh and using it raw has the most benefit.



Hey gorgeous! 🤗💗 . . This #momlife thing isn’t about being perfect! It’s also not about neglecting yourself and living short of your full potential as a woman simply because you became a mom. ✨ It’s about showing up every day, doing your best. ✨ It’s about putting in the work... for your family, but also for Y O U. The truth is, you CAN do this. You can rock this motherhood thing! Here at Blossoming Mommy and Baby, we’re all here to do mom life better, together. Will you join us? 💕



Happy almost Halloween! We’re gearing up for at least 3 different parties/trick or treating this week. Time to pull out that costume bin from the attic. 😳👻🎃 . . ▪️Something truly scary is the lack of regulation in the U.S. cosmetic industry. Chemicals that can cause cancer, reproductive harm, and other serious health issues are not banned in the from the skin care and color cosmetic products that people use every day, day after day, and companies are free to make their own judgments about safety. ▪️Beautycounter is determined to offer something better by researching the safety of each potential ingredient to ensure that we’re making the safest high-performing products possible. ▪️Pictured are two of my all time favorites:⚡️Charcoal cleansing bar⚡️ (happens to be the most budget friendly cleanser too!) and the ⚡️Balancing Facial Mask⚡️I’ve talked about the mask in my stories before (under beautycounter highlights) and will be sharing more about the bar soon!🖤 . . #happyhalloween #healthliving #betterbeauty #beautycounter #switchtosafer #healthyhome #healthymama #motherhood



Lately between taking spin classes, teaching spin classes and working on updating my current certs, I’ve started to realize how cycle heavy my schedule has been. My body is craving some major mat time. This week I’ve already planned out some yoga classes and packed my mat in the car so I literally have ZERO excuses. I even scheduled a yoga class for Junebug this week. I love vacation, but I also love being back to my normal routines. They ground me. I am doing some major self care today (hello epsom salt bath, Sunday football, homemade crockpot eggplant parm, baked salmon and fresh mani) and looking forward to a week of slaying my namaste 🙌🏻 happy Sunday y’all!



This little dude ran his first race Saturday. He loved it! And has decided he wants to cover his wall with “running numbers”. . . . #healthykids #playoutside #littlerunner #healthymama #thehappynow #motherhoodlens



When you have really good straw mushrooms, quinoa gets elevated to 💯in moments. I needed a quick side dish (ok I didn’t really neeeed it, this was totally extra) and was also looking for an excuse to incorporate the mushrooms into something. So I sautéed them in olive oil with some smashed garlic, added cooked quinoa, and was happy. No recipe, even better. #fitwithflare



Getting to lay in this bed for an extra hour and a half this morning was such a sweet treat after the 5 am wake ups all week during our #last90dayschallenge . Have a restful Sunday! 😴 . . . #relaxingsunday #dayofrest #sleepysundays #newbedroom #newhouse🏡 #sundaymood #sleepin #healthysunday #restfulsunday #littlepleasures #itsthesimplethingsinlife #livesimply #youngliving #oilyfamily #healthymama #happysunday😘 #houseofhealth #houseoils #letschangetheworldwithwellness ✌🏼🌎❤️



If you don’t go to @eartheaglebrewings when you’re in Portsmouth, then you really haven’t lived life😀 . Another successful Sunday funday!



🤔What else should we not put on our salad? - 🥠Croutons. They may be small, but they're typically filled with artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives. The majority of croutons found in restaurants are also made of refined grains, which means all of the vitamins and protein have been stripped from them. Adding croutons also means adding calories, so opt for a slice of whole wheat bread or a whole wheat roll instead. - 🍅Sun-dried tomatoes. What you’re really adding to your salad is a ton of sodium. A half-cup can set you back almost 500 milligrams of sodium. Opt for fresh tomatoes instead. - 🥜Candied nuts. They’re often scattered on top of a salad with beets or blue cheese. And they taste so good — because they're drenched in simple sugars! Candied nuts are also filled with fat, sodium, artificial colors, and flavors. So stick to unsalted, plain nuts like walnuts or almonds that contain healthy fats and will keep you full longer. - 🌮Tortilla strips or wonton noodles. Sure, they add great crunch to your salad, but they also add extra calories, sodium, and trans fats (they're often fried in oil). Instead, go for peppers or carrots for a tasty crunch without all those calories and fat. - 🧀Shredded cheese. A sprinkle of cheese won’t hurt you, but many people throw on at least a half-cup, which can add up to a substantial number of calories. One cup of cheddar cheese has more calories and fat than a large serving of fries from McDonald’s! - 🍶Creamy Salad Dressing. As a general rule of thumb, you want to stick to oil-based dressings, as the creamier options are typically made with calorie-dense and fat-laden mayonnaise, sour cream, or buttermilk. On the other hand, oil-based dressings are made with heart-healthy fats like olive oil and canola oil. . Share this with 3 friends 👇



My little arrival decided to make an early appearance a week ago, he’s perfect and I’m so in love. My page was quiet the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I’m not gona lie my meals were good but snacking was not! Im starting to feel ready to get back on track and craving healthier meals. Im gona make a start on eating better this week but wont be 100% on plan! Ive weighed myself and so far I’m 1.5stones down postpartum. I weighed after my waters broke so possibly more! Exercise will be a slower start other than walking as i had to have a caesarean. Got a way to go but will do it!



Prepped this gorgeous food😍😍 There is just something about putting gorgeous, nutrient dense foods in my body that makes my heart so happy♥️ . . . . . #mealprep #mealprepsunday #nutrition #mealprepideas #fitfoods #fitfam #healthymama #weekendvibes #sunday #cleaneats #fitmama



Today I seriously grabbed a bigger perspective on not only my vision but within myself. Believing in yourself is the one thing that can only unleash our greatest potential and working out with this man today pushed me to my limit. When you feel like you can’t keep going. You really can with the right attitude and mindset. This dude helped me untap that. This dude helped me find my why again. This dude is an amazing soul and I’m beyond grateful to help clients reach their greatest potential TOGETHER. #teamfitgirlnation #healthymama #fitnessmotivation #grateful





Have you entered our SUSTAINABLE GIVEAWAY⁉️♻️ One eco-conscious being will receive a custom @simplywoodrings Birthwood® ring, your choice of month with the inlay material of any birthstone, birthflower, or a mix of the two + an 18 pack of @drinksolti Organic SuperAde® Glass Bottled Functional Beverages 💚 Follow the steps 2 posts back to ENTER ➡️ #drinksolti #letyourselfshine



For the River fox. 💖 Only the best for my fox. So tasty, he loves them. I trust dōTERRA and I’m thankful to be apart of the team. They keep us healthy, strong, and glowing. ✨ I also take the IQ Mega, once a day, every morning. I freak out if I run low. I definitely feel the changes if i go without for a moment. So I don’t allow that shit to go down in my house 😂🙏🏽💓 #doterraa2z #doterraiqmega #thirdeyethrival #healthybaby #healthymama #happhfamily #wellnessjourney #doterraforthewin #numberoneleadingoilcompanyontheplanet #holistichealing #holisticwellness



Big ol' mixing bowl of salad and a breaded chicken patty while the little one naps 😊 Counting down the days until I'm cleared to go back to @ww! #healthymama #healthybaby #ww #wwpostpartum #lifeafterbaby #wwonhold #wwoklahoma #JadeCatherine #wwafterbaby



|RYAN JAMES| ♡ His perfectly round little head, I love each and every part of this little nugget. . Today I'm grateful for moments with my boys - the cuddles, the laughs, the fun, the sleepless nights, the tears, even the frustrating moments. I am blessed to be a mother and I'm so grateful for the joy that brings to my life. SWIPE ➡️ . What are you grateful for today? ♡ #motherhood #parenthood #childhood #fatherhood #familytime #momlife #momsofinstagram #mamaofbothworlds #momofboys #boymama #boymomlife #mamasboy #babiesdontkeep #letthembelittle #timebestill #motherhoodisthebesthood #motherhoodisdarling #motherhoodunhinged #ig_motherhood #fallinnewengland #firsttimemama #healthymama #naturalliving #healthyliving #workingmama #momboss #bosslady #mompreneur #myownboss



Happy Sunday from these adorable maniacs. 😀 Hopefully you are getting some rest in today to reset and prepare for the week! I’m on the mend from this UTI, which looking back has probably been brewing for a while, but I just thought I still felt like crap from my delivery. Hindsight is 20/20. 😂 🤷🏼‍♀️ But I was actually able to get off the couch and chase around the babies today, so yay! I’m still taking it easy though, just trying not to stress my body too much and avoid the dreaded Adrenal Fatigue 😱. To learn more about why rest is so important, join my next round of the FASTer Way starting on October 29! As of this weekend, I’m already half way full! Click the link in my bio to snag your spot!



I mean, can a girl really have too many pink lippies? I don't think so at least 😂 Got to try out my new Front Row #beautycounter lipstick last night. So fun!!! It is honestly the most perfect Barbie pink 💋 and SO vibrant! Also love that there are no harsh ingredients in it to worry about, like my previous MAC one I used to own in this exact color years ago. 💄





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