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Man oh man!!! I tried out Transform 20 and it was AMAZING!! This workout was challenging, different than any workout I’ve done and motivating!! It just got me even more EXCITED for January to start!! It’s the Holiday season and I’m in a giving mood!! 🎁 Want to try out Shaun T’s BRAND NEW program for FREE?!? Message me or drop your favorite holiday emoji below and I’ll send you a link to try it out!! 🎅🏼



It’s so true! If you are just blinding going thru the motions trying to reach a goal, it’s going to be so hard to get there. You must know WHY you are doing it and why you truly want to reach that goal! That gives you the motivation needed from within to push thru the hard days, which there will be! Go and make it a great day!



⭐⭐Looking for LADIES only who want to get a headstart on their 2019 fitness goals! ⭐⭐ I've been an at home workout junkie for years! I love the convenience and the results. Swipe Left to see what committment to yourself looks like⬅️⬅️ WHAT TO EXPECT: 20 minute workout 🏋🏾‍♀️ Daily plant based supplements🌱 Easy to follow customized flexible meal plans (vegan/veg/paleo) NO DIETING/NO CLEANSES🚫 Coach support + accountability 💯 RESULTS 🤸🏽‍♀️ This program is prenatal🤰🏾/post partum 🤱🏽friendly with modifications. I am currently 11 weeks prego myself! I am only accepting 20 ladies for this TEST GROUP to test out a new 20 minute program, so if you WANT IN, do not hesitate. I fill up fast! Comment below with "I'm in" for details. 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇬🇧



I'm telling you when this becomes a lifestyle, its alot easier to jump back on track. Obviously I want everything Christmas and sweet but I'm staying away right now. Diets sux... eating clean and feeling full is great. #healthychoices #healthyeats #healthymomlife #backontrack #moderation #nodiets #nodietshere #cleaneating #nohungerpains #work #workweekchallenge #weightloss #fridayeve



I wasn't going to work out this morning since I did piyo late last night but I was wide awake before 5 so I made good use of my time! My body is used to waking up early and a lot of times I wake up without an alarm. . Does that mean I'm a morning person? NO WAY! It just means I've developed a healthy habit. It took a long time, like a really, really long time! But if I can do it you can too! My accountability group will help you!



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