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Pita Pizza 🍕. - Una deliciosa pizza sin culpa es de las cosas más deliciosas que puede haber. - Que necesitas: 🍕1 Rebanada de Pan Pita Integral (la cual puse a tostar en una sartén tapada a fuego bajo) . 🍕Una salsa casera de Tomate. Sobre la base. 🍕Sazone unos ejotes con pimiento rojo y verde mega delicioso. 🍕Añadí un poco de Queso Vegano o puedes añadirle queso panela. - - Los ingredientes varían al gusto de la persona 😋. - - #pizza #pitapizza #healthypizza #healthylifestyle #healthyrecipes #wellness #weightloss #fitness #fitnessgirl #inspo #nutricion #nutricionista #alimentacionsaludable #ricoysano #habitossaludables #sinculpas #veganpizza #fitfood #foodporn #recipes



CAULIFLOWER PIZZA ✨ the boys are ordering pizza which can be packed with gluten, dairy, and fillers - a recipe for brain fog and sluggish digestion. So I’ve whipped one of the @caulipowered pizza crusts out of the freezer and topped it with the @nealbrothers spicy salsa, mushrooms, onions, goats milk cheese, arugula and garlic olive oil. ENJOY 🍕🍕🍕



If cauliflower can be pizza, you my friend can do anything! - I finally tried some cauliflower crust pizza and it was SO GOOD! Sturdy, crispy and you'd have no clue it was made out of cauliflower! It's a great #glutenfree option for those of us who miss pizza! And I mean, who doesn't miss pizza who is now gluten free!?!? Name yourselves, I'll wait. 😜 - The ingredients are pretty clean, and all ok by me for the occasional pizza(check the last pic)! I loaded it up with feta, pepperoni, onion, arugula and a drizzle of balsamic and it was equally as delicious as a restaurant pizza! Bonus: the package comes with two crusts! Swipe for all the ingredients. . . . . . . #glutenfreepizza #fetacheese #healthypizza #treatyoself #nutritionistapproved #cleaningredients #cauliflowerpizza #eatmorevegetables #weekendtreats #greenstuff #freshorbust #realfood



Last nights dinner 🍕🍕 #healthypizza



Finally tasting the #questnutrition Pepperoni Pizza 6g of carbs 28g of Protein, CANT WAIT #keto #lowcarb #ketodiet #weightloss #QUEST #healthypizza #questpizza #ketofoods



Happy Tuesday Everyone! How's your week going? Here is some perfecto Pizza motivation for you week! . Thanks to @liftinluxe for Tuesday Motivation!



Pizza Pizza Pizaa 🍕 . I’m a big fan of this delicious meal, but often found it to be the biggest obstacle in reaching my goals. . In college I would eat pizza almost every Friday and since I was already eating what I would then call “unhealthy” - in my head it was every reason to add ice cream and candy. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I had no self control and didn’t know how to eat in moderation. I would find myself at the end of eating mounds of food and binges and feel totally out of control and guilty. 😔 . Once I found macros and my coach @scottstevensonjr I was able to overcome my binge eating once and for all. I learned how to adapt my foods to fit my cravings and having support gave me the accountability I needed to overcome binges. . This pizza I made the other night was under 300 calories, helped me get my craving fix and was tasty! 😋 . Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about counting every single calorie but it’s about making choices that fuel my body. It’s helped me overcome food that once controlled me & gave me confidence beyond what I ever could imagine. ♥️ . The Recipe: 🍕 1 Joseph’s Lavish Bread 🍕 1 Serving Mozerella Cheese 🍕 1/2 serving Turkey Pepperoni 🍕 all the Banana Peppers 🍕 Handful of Chicken 🍕 Garlic Salt and Pam ->>> Pop in the oven for 8-10 min! . What recipe should I share next!? Tell me in the comments. 👇🏼 . . #MadFit #OnlineCoaching #recipes #pizzarecipes #healthypizza #pepperoni #overcoming #healthyfood #foodie #pizzaisbae #pizzaandweights #cheese #homemadepizza #healthyeats #columbus #ohio #kitchenselfies #columbusgram #helathyfood



Now who doesn’t like 🍕???? I know we do but why compromise all your hard work at burn🤔 when you can make this awesome 😎 recipe from @burnbootcampcorvallis CAULIFLOWER PIZZA CRUST PIZZA 👉Lean ground turkey 👉Avocados 👉Red bell peppers 👉Frozen cauliflower pizza crust (All ingredients can be found at Trader Joe’s) 1. Cook lean ground turkey 2. Slice up bell peppers 3. Blend 2 avocados (can add hot sauce and or spices for pizza sauce) 4. Heat oven to 450 degrees 5. Bake cauliflower pizza crust for a total of 20min. (Make sure to flip the crust half way at 10min) 6. Spread avocado sauce and place all toppings on crust and turn oven to broil for about 1-2min. ........... Get creative with healthy toppings! We usually put more veggies like zucchini, onions and spinach. ⭐️How would you make your healthy pizza???? 👌Comment or Post and Tag us with your creative healthy ideas!!!!



While @wholefoodsboston I happened to stumble upon this Red Beet Pizza Crust. So of course I had to buy it… and thank goodness I did because this was such a great and healthy way to have pizza. Here we have a Sausage, Peach and Goat Cheese Pie!!! It’s not Whole 30 compliant because of the cheese in the crust, but for sure Keto compliant. Give this crust a try and tag me in the pizza you make. #healthyliving #balanceiskey #wholefoodsfind #paleoketohybrid #yummy #healthypizza



Meal 12/21 - Pizza Party 🍕🍕🍕 Using weight watchers wraps, we made thin and crispy pizzas topped with herby chicken, homemade pizza sauce, cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, egg and sweetcorn! Served up with a speedy side salad and butternut squash seasoned wedges 🍟



Hvala @_nina678 na receptu za ovu preukusnu proteinsku pizzu 💖💪💪 Obozavam pizzu, a jos vise kad je mogu jesti bez grižnje savjesti 💪 🍕🍕🍕 #healthyfoodporn #healthyideas #healthydinner #healthypizza #zdravapizza #homemadepizza #pizzatime #proteinpizza #healthymeal #tajnajeudorucku #zdravidorucak #zdravahrana #proteins #muscles #gains #mypizza #samozdravo #zdraviobroci



Dobry na wieczór! 🤗 Alternatywa dla standardowej pizzy - voilà 🍕 Zamiast tradycyjnego sosu pomidorowego zrobiłam delikatny sos jogurtowo-ziołowy z czosnkiem, a pod koniec pieczenia dodałam jajka, które idealnie połączyły wszystkie składniki 🤩 Taką pizzę to ja rozumiem ❤ Ktoś się skusi? 😊😁 #pizza #healthypizza #healthyfood #sotasty #eggs #yogurt #healthylifestyle #corn #idealnyobiad #zdrowo #pysznie #poland #polishgirl #poznan 📧



What’s on your plate today? Do you plan out your meals for the week or even as small as the day? Do you have a consistent way to track what you are consuming over the week? Research has proven that when we track our food, exercise and the way we feel when we are done eating that we are able to have better success with our healthier lifestyle. Why is this? . . . Tracking provides feedback from the day. It creates awareness as well as holds us accountable. Let’s face it, if you’re not eating the right things or having a few things here and there, all of this can add up over a long period of time. (Extra calories add up fast when I’m not paying attention) And you’re more than likely not gonna want to put it down on paper if you’re fully committed to tracking.. just a thought, anything that you don’t want to put down on paper, more than likely should not be having. Now this is not to create guilt or any negative feelings towards changing your lifestyle choices. This is simply to help you be focused and intentional with your meals, fitness and life in general. Start tracking over one week and you can examine what it is that could be throwing your focus off. What way do you prefer to stay consistent with your diet plan? . . . #mindset #healthylife #healthyfood #mealplanner #meals #planning #goal #healthylifestyle lifestyle #fitfood #foodie #pizza #healthypizza #yum #eatwell #eatbetter #fitness #fitnessplan #motivated #changes #mom #wife #lifeisawesome





¿No sabes que cenar esta noche? Te dejamos una original y deliciosa receta, inspirada en el evento que hicimos en Valladolid con @restaurantepisamorena e @ygastroeat y recreada por la maravillosa @duendecilla_duendi: "PIZZA CON BASE DE POLLO ⏩INGREDIENTES PARA 2 PERSONAS⏪ 🔸️280 g de pechuga de pollo cruda 🔸️1 clara de huevo 🔸️2 cs de almendra molida No he condimentado la masa porque con todo lo que llevaba encima no he considerado que hiciera falta. *Trituramos los ingredientes de la base y la extendemos en un papel vegetal dando forma de base de pizza. Para ello pongo toda la bola de masa en el centro del papel, coloco film transparente encima y la voy extendiendo con ayuda de un vaso. Así de fácil! Retiro el film, coloco la masa con el papel sobre la bandeja de horno y la meto a 200 grados unos 10 minutos (hasta que empieza a coger textura). Sacamos la masa y la damos la vuelta. Es hora de poner los toppings: 🔸️Tomate concentrado sin azúcar de Mercadona. 🔸️Pisto (ya hecho) de cebolla, pimiento y calabacín. 🔸️Queso gorgonzola. 🔸️Pera deshidratada de @fruut_es Colocamos en la rejilla y otra vez al horno. Yo lo tuve 15 minutos, lo justo para que se deshiciera el queso. Sacamos y ponemos las moras. Hemos quedado enamorados con el contraste de sabores. Flipante💜💜💜❤❤❤. Tiempo total de preparación: 30 MINUTOS. Me diréis que no merece la pena... Ñam!!" ¿Quién se apunta? #pizza #pizzapollo #healthypizza #saludable #realfood #lunch #pizzalover #gorgonzola #healthylife #fruut #tehacebien #snack #elsnacksaludable #saludable #healthy #recetas #receta #comidasaludable #comidasana #cocina #saludable #recipes #comida #cena



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