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Day 24 I’ve been missing in actual but still very much on track. As I prepare to return to work I’ve been really busy and had to miss some meals or raid the biscuit tin at work. This has proved to me that I need to keep going. I was due to finish this round two days before officially starting back but I’m going to weigh myself (for extra motivation) and start straight into another 30 day round. It will be too easy for me to fall back into old habits with the stresses and pressures of work and getting used to being a working Mum with no family around and a husband who works away. #whole30 #whole30mum #whole30approved #whole30breastfeeding #whole30day23 #healthyeating #cleaneating #wholefoods #2018goals #heathierhappiermum #preparationiskey #feelinggreat #determination #bodyunderconstuction