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Weekend ride to @historicrittenhousetown , British America’ first papermill founded by Wilhelm Rittinghausen in 1690. Details of the bakehouse, 1725 with later buttressing. #historybybike #wissahickon #philadelphia



Why we call it NE Fremont Street #PDX #historybybike







✊ from @civil_bikes - Sunday's bike tour is deep in my heart! It was a new tour is compressed into a small area. Always so much to see and learn. History by bike is fun! We #keepitreal by talking about how education has served to erase the historical presence and fully capture the realities of black people and other marginalized people. Photo credit @ShakeeshaSemone @lookwithinsha // www.civilbikes.com #blackhistorymonth #Atlanta #SweetAuburn #JohnLewis #Historybybike #biketour #hyperlocal #Sunday - #regrann



Stanley sure has been a sport about #santaclarita history! Around here 4th graders do the work he’s been doing as they learn more about where they live (he’s a little advanced, so he can handle it). Today we visited the Tesoro Adobe, the homestead of silent film star, Harry Carey, Sr. Part of the Rancho Tesoro del Valle. Reading the headstone, Stanley learned all about the colorful history of the ranch. Out here Western life and art are never two distinct things, and both have been inseparable since Western movies became big business in Hollywood. The other spot we visited was much older, and had to do with the real founding of the Los Angeles area during the California Mission system. The historical marker was all fenced in, unreachable, and pretty neglected. All the same, it documented how most of Santa Clarita was once a huge ranch itself, called Rancho San Francisco. The area was mostly inhabited by Native Americans, who were moved out (of course) and then the land was farmed, and grazed to feed and serve the people of the San Fernando Mission, found in the broad valley to the south. #flatstanley #flatstanleyinmypocket #socalhistory #ranchotesoro #tesorodelvalle #oldwest #silentfilm #californiasgold #historybybike #biketourism #bikesantaclarita #bikelife #skratchambassador #skratchlabs



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