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Feed your desires, not your fears. . • Believe it or not, when you arrived in physical form on this lovely planet, you were imprinted with a specific set of desires. You discovering these desires and then carrying them out is the most “you” that you could ever do. . • When you decide to get in touch with your desires and the very things that comprise your essence, you may be seen as a bit of a “dreamer”, unrealistic or even crazy. It’s one thing to be seen as these things by others but it can be a bit more difficult when those closest to you start seeing you this way. . • Here’s the thing, the large majority of society does not live from their desires, they live from fear (yeah...I said it!). When given the option, fear will always tell you to do the thing that will keep you the most safe based upon your thoughts about the options. . • For instance, if you have the opportunity to fly with an all expenses paid weekend of skiing in Vermont but decide to lay low at your apartment while binge-watching, “The Bachelor” with a friend instead, you’ve likely chosen from a place of fear. You love skiing but because you almost got injured once you’ve decided against your desire to go out of fear. . • When you feed your desires, rather than the fears your life transforms from lame-o to, “How can it get any better?!”. And that, is exactly what life is supposed to be all about. Yes, unfortunate circumstances still arise and yes, you may get injured or turned down but giving birth to your desires will lead you to a life of empowerment, excitement and fulfillment. . • Of course, wisdom always has a say in guiding you but don’t name your fears, “Wisdom” and kid yourself. Your heart will know when you’re lying even if you’re able to fool those around you. . • Another example in comments below. . • #feeddesires #desires #notfears #isaidit #skiing #comealive #howcanitgetanybetterthanthis #wisdom #relationshipcoach #lifecoach #livetheloveyouwerecreatedfrom


😍This came up in my memories from 1 year ago: I had just finished an amazing coaching session with a client on the phone where I had witnessed a profound and pivotal transformation. I was feeling a kind of “on top of the world”, “heart exploding” HAPPY for my client and so grateful and blessed to have the honour of being her coach. I was getting ready to put on my shoes and go for a run when this happened... An unexpected delivery at my front door... WOW!!!!! I am speechless💗💗💗 #howcanitgetanybetterthanthis #lovemyclients #beautifulbeautifulpeople #ilovecoaching #personalandexecutivecoach #lifecoach #transformationalcoach #businesscoach



That’s right, we have club tonight!! There’s no better place to have a few laughs, sing some songs & have a great time with friends!! Bring in your fall weekend forms tonight to have the best weekend of your life - Nov 16-18th!! #fallweekend #getwrecked #howcanitgetanybetterthanthis



First wall done. Still looking for another indoor tree for the other side of the tv (fun fact, Travis got me the money tree for my birthday. Best. Gift. Ever.) but the lamp works right now since this room doesn’t have overhead lighting yet. Give me all the indoor plants and trees. Trying to make this home into a farmhouse jungle. 🤘🏼 Got the letters from @kileensgardenboutique and they are the perfect size!







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