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Today’s word: Red Nose. It was the night before Christmas. Santa’s sleigh was loaded with toys and goodies for good girls and boys. The reindeer were champing at the bit; ready to take to the night sky. All was put on hold. There was now a problem with fog. Thick, dense can’t-see-through it fog. Too foggy in the night sky. Too foggy for Santa and the Reindeer to fly. Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer is sick in bed. He cannot fly. There is no “nose so bright that can guide the sleigh tonight” available. “It is too dangerous”, lamented Santa, “we will have to cancel Christmas”. “Not so fast”, smiled the in-the-holiday-spirit witches, “we can solve your foggy situation”. So off flew Santa’s sleigh full of toys. And even though the skies were filled with thick, white fog, the reindeer flew higher and higher, faster and faster. How could this be possible? “Ho! Ho! Ho!”, laughed Jolly Old St. Nick as he flew through the air. Ho! Ho! Ho!”, grumbled Brünnhilde the witch flying in the night sky on her broom. She raced ahead of Santa’s sleigh and the eight reindeer; shining the way through the fog with her humongous, throbbing, ever-so-bright red glowing wart on the end of her long, crooked nose. Merry Christmas! And they all lived happily ever after. The end. 🎄————😀————-☃️ SEE ALL MY Witch INKTOBER Drawings: #inktoberck New: #witchesck #sketch #illustratorsofinstagram #artistsoninstagram #witchesofinstagram #witches #witchart #witchesinktober #drawing #charleskaufman #originalart #funny #humor #fantasy #cartoon #comic #fairytale #magic #supernatural #rednose #christmas #santa @diekleinert @newyorkermag @newyorkercartoons Visit the Charles Kaufman art shop: @chkaufman



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