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This picture of the Chinese knitting needle label is for @knotionsmag and @craftdoodling. And anyone else who's curious:) The needles were bought as a set of 11 from Ali express, for the princely sum of less than $6! Took about 3 weeks to arrive in India. I've seen the same stuff on Amazon too at about 3 or 4 times the cost, and apparently it takes the same time for delivery. BTW, I'm using the one now. They work like a charm, no hand strain at all! And surprisingly, despite not being very pointy, there's no difficulty at all with p3tog or getting into stitches! Maybe the metal prevents stitches on the needle from becoming too tight? Dunno. But I'm a huge fan now 🤩🤩🤩 #knit #knitting #knittersofinstagram #knittersofig #knitstagram #knitweardesigner  #knittingaddict #knittinginspiration #knitdesign #instaknit #instaknitters #knittingdesign #ilovetoknit #handknit #strikk #laceknittersofinstagram #igknitters #knittingneedles



The season of gift-giving is right around the corner (for some it's already here!), the time of the year when Giver Fibre Muses reign supreme. I created the Atawhai Hat to be a perfect quick-gift knit, with it's simple and easy colorwork motif (once again based off of traditional Maori motifs) and a super squishy double-folded brim. Atawhai is Te Reo Maori for kindness. In the roster of Maori deities, we have Rehua, the god of kindness. He is one of the oldest and ancient Maori deities, who dispersed gloom and sorrow from the minds of men. As a Giver Fibre Muse, Rehua would be one of your Muses. As a soul who knits as a form of selflessness, you know all too well the magical and healing power of giving someone a thoughtful gift. Who do you see this winter season who needs you to disperse gloom and sorrow from their minds? Pre-order the 4-pattern collection for $16 before launch on the 20th (link to pre-order in my profile!) and then join us for the first Fibre Muse KAL on the 26th! #arohaknitsdesigns #spreadingaroha #transformyouryarn



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