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About to go into hustle/family/sweet potato/football/frenzy mode- BRB ✌🏻😂 . Seriously though. The next week is gonna be insane and I just CANNOT WAIT. Check out my stories if you wanna know what I mean. Wish I could say I’m drinking coffee to hustle but that would be all too easy 😂 H2O life for this preggo y’all 🙌🏻 . What are you most excited about these next few days??!? (Feel free to throw some emojis in there too 🍁) . . . . #healthhopeoiler



Even the most frugal and minimal of people are consumers. Inevitably, we all continue to purchase goods and services. Some of which are necessities. Some of which are extras, and that’s fine too. I think the issue is when consumers fall trap to consumerism. A consumerist is, by definition, preoccupied with the acquisition of consumer goods. I think this is a tough balance to strike. There is nothing inherently wrong with spending money on extras in life, provided of course that we have the money to do so. But even if we do have the money to spend comfortably, we have to keep our mindset in check. Being a conscious and mindful consumer is so important, especially this time of year.⭐️ • Here are some questions you might consider before buying something: ⚪️ Will this purchase add value to my life? ⚪️ Do I have the money on hand to buy this (or am I relying on a credit card)? ⚪️ Where will I store this item in my home? ⚪️ How often will I use this? ⚪️ How will I feel once I have this purchase? ⚪️ How will I feel if I do not make this purchase (right now)? ⚪️ Can/should this purchase wait until I’ve taken care of other financial priorities? ⚪️ Could I get this item second-hand? ⚪️ Am I buying this because I truly love it, or just because it’s on sale? ⚪️ Is this purchase planned? If not, am I okay with making an impromptu purchase today? • As you go about this holiday season, ask yourself some of these hard questions when you go shopping. And then feel confident when you do make a purchase! 🙌🏻 But keep your mindset focused on the fact that you probably already have great abundance in your life just the way it is❤️ • Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow with the ones you love most! 😊



Day Three of the #LOLSGratitudeChallenge and I'm thankful for the adventures we've taken. We've visited 18 states together, and even got to leave the country for the first time together earlier this year. I'm still sad they didn't stamp my passport though. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I never cared to be much of an adventurer until I met Russell. But he helps me feel comfortable outside of my comfort zone, and there is no one that I like exploring with more! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What is your day 3? Don't know what I mean? Head back to my post from Monday and join the challenge! It's not too late! . . . . . #minimalismchallenge #minimalism_word #minimalism_ig #purposefulplanner #purposefilledlife #livingwithintention #intentionalleadership #intentionaltalk #intentionalwellness #intentionaldiscipleship #intentionaliving #intentionliving #intentionaleating #intentionalmarriage #intentionallove #intentionalmovement #intentionalcommunity #intentionalmotherhood #intentionalism #intentionalbusiness #intentionalhome #intentioniseverything #intentionally #intentionality #organizedlifestyle #organizedsimplicity #organizedspace #organizedfamily #organizedmama





ORANGES. 🍊Today I feasted on only navel oranges. This was totally spontaneous, the oranges are all I had, so I just went with it 😉. I have a 72 case Ct. Shall we see how long this juicy orange feast lasts...?🤷🏽‍♀️🌞 #vegan #rawvegan #fruitarian #frugivore #fruit #orange #fasting #feasting #monomeal #monofruit #orangeisland #natural #wholefoods #plantbased #naturalhealth #healing #mucuslessdiet #medicalmedium #savetheplanet #savetheanimals #veganteen #hydrovegan #water #raw #rawliving #rawlivingfoods #sustainableliving #ecovillage #intentionalcommunity #manifest



If you have health goals you’re trying to maintain during the holidays, it may be a good idea to get an accountability partner. . The holidays are filled with temptation, and it’s your job to stop it in its tracks. But…that can be really tough to do on your own. If you need some assistance in fighting the temptation of cookies and cocktails and candies (oh my!), don’t be afraid to ask for help. An accountability partner can help you stick to your goals when your willpower gets a little shaky. . Tell a family member that you’re trying to eat healthier, so they can give you a gentle reminder when you’re eyeing that second slice of cake. Or text a friend and ask them to check in on Thursday night to see if you stuck to your goals. . You could even get a group of friends and do morning workouts together! You’ll probably find that power in numbers is a key part in avoiding holiday weight gain and staying on track. . Do you have an accountability partner already? Tag them below!



Ava has rearranged the ornaments she can reach a hundred times since it went up a couple days ago. We searched high and low for the perfect tree to cut down...then brought it up from the basement. 😆 I had tons of bugs from a real Christmas tree once and I said never again! 🤢🙅🏼‍♀️ are you team artificial tree or go for the real thing?



#gratitude365 ✨ Grief comes in waves. . Thankful for Tolongapo Beach. (Three Stone Beach) . Memories, love and joy ❤️ . Trusting my process... feeling all the feelings in silence, with family and relatives, in tears and in laughter. . I’m thankful for Divine Presence. The continuous desire to discover my process, moment by moment and the deep trust in knowing the connectedness and perfection in all things. . I cannot emphasize enough the importance of knowing your own process. . Discovering and knowing how you resist and feel emotions, how you show up and care for yourself and others, what moves you, pushes you and calls you back into yourself. . Or how you disconnect, you disassociate and refuse to feel in openness and vulnerability. . Discover your process ✨



This holiday season: May all your weeds be edible! 🌱🎄🌱



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